The best inspiring science fiction books that reforges your worldview

Who am I?

As an avid explorer having thrice traveled around the world, living and working in over 40 countries, my inspirations as so originally science fiction have found grounding. I looked to level my imagination in the real world and filtered out the impossible from the unnecessary on a path to utopia. Sharing our ideas, exposing misgivings too, all contribute to a shared realization of human potential. This is much of the reason for who I am as a founder of business platforms I designed to achieve things that I envisage as helpful, necessary, and constructive contributions to our world. Those software endeavours underway in 2022, and a longtime coming still, are Horoscorpio and De Democracy.

I wrote...

Alchemy Series Compendium

By Jason Jowett,

Book cover of Alchemy Series Compendium

What is my book about?

The Alchemy Series offers a unique time-traveling dichotomy containing original interpretations of the holy scriptures, anthropomorphic myths, and cultural expositions. It is a science fiction adventure, and the philosophical-based narrative ranges in themes, characters, and genres. Humanity is juxtaposed in physical endeavor throughout the solar system and the astral plane, each with insight into the auspicious of Christ's nature.

The books I picked & why

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The Reality Dysfunction

By Peter F. Hamilton,

Book cover of The Reality Dysfunction

Why this book?

A galactic society with living ships! This pan-ultimate technological empire is so immense, I seized upon the concept for a sequel to my book regarding the symbiosis of human and machine. Joshua Calver's astro-archeological adventure was the most enjoyable for me. The idea of immersing in progenitor hyper-technological society's exciting, and forms the basis of RPGs such as Mass Effect. It's not entirely alien a concept either but based on the real history of Earth and its megalithic stone cut marvels, featuring precision cutting on either impossibly large building stones or delicate bowls.

Childhood's End

By Arthur C. Clarke,

Book cover of Childhood's End

Why this book?

Were society a being that has a youth, maturity, and does age in full—written in 1953, Clarke set out the allegory of humanities relative age limit which we came to trust through Star Trek's First Contact protocol. This most grandiose of paradoxes was revealed in Clarke's trademark style, and in revelation. In Clarke's worldview you are right to think something else is going on, as in, we expect you to be duped! Clarke's assuring imagination bequeathed great things in science fiction and the religious underpinning in Childhood's End I found utterly intriguing. Of course, when it comes to the support or contradiction of established doctrines, I'm placed on the other side of the fence thanks to this book, one of Clarke's firsts, which I discovered on a bookshelf at a weekend BnB one time, and at the disdain of my girlfriend spent most of that weekend stay ingratiated by.

The Algebraist

By Iain M. Banks,

Book cover of The Algebraist

Why this book?

The biggest challenge to setting out a worldview within a universe is describing the detail about entities that imbues the feelings associated with living as those entities within it. Banks manages the sensation of living beings masterfully, where they are so alien and so abstract your pure imagination is put to the test. What would life be like for you as a jelly blob that flies around a gas giant? Pretty damn good thanks to Iain, and it's something I tackled in my book too with not nearly as much success it seems, at least yet.

Ian Livingstone's Freeway Fighter

By Andi Ewington, Simon Coleby (illustrator),

Book cover of Ian Livingstone's Freeway Fighter

Why this book?

Ever wondered if you'd survive in the Mad Max universe? Here's the assurance you can, well maybe if you've loaded die. Choose your own adventure has been a staple literary source of my youth and Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson are both united champions of the genre. Freeway Fighter is one of their few which lends more to science than fantasy, and is thoroughly invigorating. For mind-bending characterization, here you've got the original immersion you need in self-discovery.

Ready Player Two

By Ernest Cline,

Book cover of Ready Player Two

Why this book?

For the vastly impossible feat of presenting a sequel to a thoroughly immersive narrative, this did impress. The lead out of the original gives the feeling of the impossible and so it was delivered. Brokering A.C. Clarke's range of brilliance plus getting into the popular references of my youth, in the cyberpunk, virtual reality, corporate elite defining drama, aren't we all familiar with dystopia by now? Where or when does the apocalypse become inevitable and what are you steering towards there or then? I was awe-inspired by this handling of ethical uses of hyper-tech which is one I left up to my reader's imagination by the end of my own series. Whether imagined VR can ever become a coded reality, or if it's only ever going to be imagination, this is the challenge of the Age of Aquarius.

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