The best fiction books for curious minds

John Morris Author Of The Gatekeeper and the Guardian
By John Morris

The Books I Picked & Why

Silent Fear

By Lance Morcan, James Morcan

Book cover of Silent Fear

Why this book?

Silent Fear is a stunning mystery novel, scary because it is set in an institute for the blind during a lockdown. There is a serial killer on the loose and no inmates have the ability to see their persecutor. Yes, this one gets right inside your mind and I felt privileged to read it.

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The Whitechapel Virgin

By Carla Acheson

Book cover of The Whitechapel Virgin

Why this book?

This historical fiction is one of three novels set in London, the one featured is contemporary, and set upon the streets walked by Jack the Ripper. What I found compelling was the detailed presentation of the lives of ordinary, working-class women, that was gritty and most believable in presentation. The characters came alive and the story flowed; some working girls vanished, who would be next? This is not a story about Jack. It is a story about those nearby and affected by the beast.

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Blood Work

By Michael Connelly

Book cover of Blood Work

Why this book?

I loved the film Blood Work directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. Having watched it many times, I became curious about the book it was based upon. So I read the book – a bit of an author jolly in some respects. This is where it gets interesting, for me, because they were similar, but never the same. Some discrepancies I preferred the book version, whilst others I preferred the film. The beginning is much better in the film with superb character development, but the ending is far superior in the book.

What I took away from this is concerned with how my own books are received by readers and how I can make them better. Add, delete, change, or keep the same, an author's editing dilemma.

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The Trail West

By Woody Leach

Book cover of The Trail West

Why this book?

This guy writes great Westerns and detective novels, this book being an excellent place to begin. I’ve followed his works online and remain impressed with the characters he creates and the detail plus development of his works. But mostly, I can lose myself in his stories, grab a buzz of ‘feel-good,’ and forget about the outside world for a while.

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The Dragonbone Chair

By Tad Williams

Book cover of The Dragonbone Chair

Why this book?

This book introduces a very good series and was responsible for encouraging my love of science fantasy – some of which I write. While I have tried to keep away from more famous authors, this one got through because it really is that good.

As with all good science fantasy, it has various levels, some of the deepest making one think, or you can just go with the flow and enjoy the yarn. That is something I also strive to do with readers, well, I try to.

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