The best fantasy/sci-fi books about saving, ending, and starting worlds, personal powers and soul redemption

Who am I?

Mark Landau has an MA in Linguistics and is an ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor. He has written eight books on meditation, healing, evolution, politics, sex, fantasy and saving our world, one musical play, and many songs, poems, and essays. After devoting a lifetime to healing and awakening himself, others, and the world utilizing therapy, meditation, energy, and bodywork, 12-step programs, Rebirthing, Shamanic Journey, Soul Retrieval, DNA Activation, and esoteric Hindu, Vedic, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hawaiian and Native-American practices, he began developing his own meditations and healing modalities. He does individual healing sessions utilizing six modalities, teaches three new, evolution-boosting meditations for our times and lives in Santa Fe. 

I wrote...

The Miracle Revolution

By Mark Landau,

Book cover of The Miracle Revolution

What is my book about?

Meet Eva Dunn, gorgeous, brilliant, drawing to her the ultimate team, meant to transform the world. The Miracle Revolution is an erotic, spiritual, healing, adventure, save-the-world, sci-fi, fantasy novel that will shock and delight you. Fifty Shades of Grey meets Lord of the Rings meets Wonder Woman meets The Rapture. Beware, it's genre-bending, boundary-breaking, mostly nonviolent, and contains sporadic super-kink, graphic super-sex, and some deep, true, special, precious, honest-to-God wisdom.

The books I picked & why

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Stranger in a Strange Land

By Robert A. Heinlein,

Book cover of Stranger in a Strange Land

Why this book?

It’s been many decades since I read this book but it will always stay with me. Storyline, details, many things fade. But at the time, it had a profound effect on me. I definitely related to Valentine Michael Smith, the protagonist human raised by Martians who had never seen another member of his species. And I’ll never forget the scene where he’s coaxed into a bath by his lovely, human guide. On Mars, water was rare and precious and powerful ceremonies were conducted around very spare amounts of it. So, for him, entering a tub full of water was an overwhelming, pinnacle experience. And, of course, I related to his special powers that far exceeded those of his brethren and his destiny to bring about transformations far beyond their conception. And I love the word ‘grok’ which Heinlein coined for this book and which, to some degree, has entered the English lexicon. It’s a Hugo Award-winning masterpiece classic, in my book, perhaps the best.

Childhood's End

By Arthur C. Clarke,

Book cover of Childhood's End

Why this book?

Yet again, I read this book in adolescence, though I saw the TV movie version much more recently. The end of the world and the human race as we know it, the role of the most powerful children in bringing about the complete transformation of the entire world, the subtle, powerful connections that some of these children forged, the more than quirky, telling form of the mysterious benevolent or not so benevolent alien Overlords, hidden to all but one for so long, it all got me to the core. Another masterpiece classic.

More Than Human

By Theodore Sturgeon,

Book cover of More Than Human

Why this book?

The third and last of my adolescent favorites, this Hugo, Nebula, and International Fantasy Award winner gave me a core component not only of my own book but, in a way, of my life—a pod or team or unit of uniquely talented individuals who, when united, become, yes, the whole which is far more than the sum of the parts, in a way, a symbiotic entity of its own that becomes a single, super-power juggernaut of beings trying to discover who and what they are and just what earth-changing things they are meant to bring about. Beautifully written, compelling, and endearing, it dove deep into the center of the heart and soul of my very existence.

Ender's Game

By Orson Scott Card,

Book cover of Ender's Game

Why this book?

Ender’s Game came out in 1985 and I found and read it not long after that, so it’s much more recent to me. And I guess I’d say that OSC is my favorite fantasy/sci-fi author of all time. I love books about devastatingly brilliant children and Ender, AKA Andrew Wiggin, is definitely one. And I love books where children hold the balance and fate of the world in their grasp, especially when they don’t know that they do. And the giddy, zero-gravity war games the children have to engage in, got me thoroughly engaged right in there with them. Though smaller and weaker than almost all those chosen to train with him, Ender must overcome all the odds and all of them combined to win through to humanity’s salvation. And I fell in love with his beloved sister, Valentine, and felt antagonistic towards his older brother, Peter, right there along with him. Card has a gift of creating vivid, realistic people and worlds with an immediacy perhaps unparalleled in the genre.

Speaker for the Dead

By Orson Scott Card,

Book cover of Speaker for the Dead

Why this book?

And since Speaker for the Dead, number 2 in OSC’s Ender series and another Nebula and Hugo Award winner, is my favorite of all his books, I must include it as well. After the great, terrible war, Ender disappears and many years pass. A mysterious figure, the Speaker for the Dead, arises to reveal the souls and redeem those who have passed on. I very much related to someone who really could grok the life of one recently deceased and speak to the survivors in a way that clarified, resolved, revealed, and redeemed the deceased’s entire existence for them. And the whole new, recently discovered world with a new intelligent race of beings again pulled me and the Speaker right into it. More than with any other author, I felt I was right there living and experiencing what the characters were. And, of course, the dynamic question of what right a more ‘advanced’ people has to withhold and dispense knowledge and information to a ‘less advanced’, intelligent race at their sole discretion thoroughly engaged me in rooting for breakthroughs and freedoms for the oppressed underdogs.

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