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By Orson Scott Card,

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Ender’s Game follows the development of a young genius as he learns to fight the alien race threatening humanity. As he advances through the ranks, Ender begins to fight in battle simulations with the help of his team. 

But when he wins a major battle, he learns the simulations were real, and he has now destroyed the alien race. This horrifies him, and readers are left grappling with the moral question of what it means for Ender that he has participated in such large-scale slaughter without knowing what he was doing.   

This book stands the test of time. I loved reading from the point of view of a youth who is remarkably mature and intelligent for his age—but who is still just a child at heart. Ender feels the loneliness and longing for acceptance that I can expect from someone of his age, yet his character is one that adults will also relate to. I saw a lot of myself in Ender: someone who has a difficult time trusting and connecting to people, but who connects deeply once their trust is gained. This is another book where the science and war…

“Growing up is hard. Growing up while leading the war against aliens that want to annihilate Earth is cool.” A little departure from the other stories on my list, Ender’s Game is a bit lighter on mythology and literary allusions but has become a sci-fi classic. Ender grows up in a future under siege by aliens and is sent to battle school to rise through the ranks and become Earth’s head commander. The grandaddy of a sub-genre that features young adult protagonists going off to “school” to become adept in their special abilities, Ender’s Game is a fast, gripping read.…

Ender’s Game came out in 1985 and I found and read it not long after that, so it’s much more recent to me. And I guess I’d say that OSC is my favorite fantasy/sci-fi author of all time. I love books about devastatingly brilliant children and Ender, AKA Andrew Wiggin, is definitely one. And I love books where children hold the balance and fate of the world in their grasp, especially when they don’t know that they do. And the giddy, zero-gravity war games the children have to engage in, got me thoroughly engaged right in there with them. Though…

While the premise of Ender’s Game may sound or feel familiar to the title I previously mentioned, the books are markedly different from one another. 

In Ender’s Game, Andrew “Ender” Wiggin is recruited by Colonel Graff to participate in a militaristic simulation amid a sweeping war. He and his fellow recruits are put through intense training, which includes engaging in a highly-competitive, zero-gravity game.

What’s so brilliant about this influential book is that it tackles a myriad of coming-of-age themes set against impossible stakes. My favorite authors do this so well, and I count Orson Scott Card among the…

Ender’s Game won both the Hugo and the Nebula awards and for reasons. It’s a military science fiction story that resonates amazingly well with today’s young generations. How to counter incredibly powerful assaults by a conquering galactic civilization when it appears all is lost and the ending is nigh? How to “think different” when face to face with a formidable foe which is beyond the grasping power of orthodox military powers? Kids, children, who are trained through increasingly difficult games and excel in beating the AI which behaves as the invaders and destroys invariably all adults, frozen in the learned…

From Massimo's list on the rise and fall of Galactic Empires.

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