The best novels that authentically illustrate a genuine Christian faith

Who am I?

I am a Bible college graduate whose faith has always been a practical matter. Because I learned to find the “so what” of the Bible, when I became a teacher of the Bible in the public schools of Rowan County, North Carolina, my elective courses had waiting lists for students to get in to. As I now teach in Maine, I found I could continue to share a practical Christian faith through my writing. The books I have listed here do the very thing that I seek in my own writing.

I wrote...

The Bottle House

By Susan Grant,

Book cover of The Bottle House

What is my book about?

Stefan Krause, a personal injury lawyer, spirals downward in the wake of losing both his wife to cancer and a critical court case. Stacy Meadows, a behavioral healthcare nurse, discovers her husband in an affair with her best friend Aubree. The board members at the Christian school where Debbie Young teaches confront her about her negative attitude. They stipulate they will only offer her a continuing teacher contract if she agrees to Christian counseling and treatment.

Driven to Bethany R & L Behavioral Healthcare Center, these three wounded individuals seek healing. Can Chaplain Joseph Miller and his mysterious collection of bottles aid in their recovery and help them find what they need from the Great Physician?

The books I picked & why

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At Home in Mitford

By Jan Karon,

Book cover of At Home in Mitford

Why this book?

At Home in Mitford does what the title implies, I felt at home while reading. Because I have encountered so many people who claim to be Christians and their actions refute it, reading about a gentle and genuine Episcopalian priest gave me a breath of fresh air.

The day-to-day life of a small town in the mountains of North Carolina reminds me of a time in life when people looked out for each other. The practical application of the Christian faith within the pages of the story kept me from feeling preached at and when I put the book down each time, it filled my soul with peace.

Redeeming Love

By Francine Rivers,

Book cover of Redeeming Love

Why this book?

I was not the same person after reading Francine Rivers’ book Redeeming Love. To read of the depths of despair a human can experience, my heart melded to Angel’s in feeling rejected and not good enough for anyone, much less God.

I cried as I read about Angel’s choices because I understood the self-loathing that produced them. My soul rejoiced as Angel began to see herself as God does. The love and acceptance from both her husband and God brought hope that I can learn to feel the same way about myself.

Each time I read Redeeming Love, I learn more and become an even better person.

Some Wildflower in My Heart

By Jamie Turner,

Book cover of Some Wildflower in My Heart

Why this book?

Some Wildflower in My Heart reminded me that people are the way they are for a reason. Margaret, the woman who seems to have a heart of stone, had a child and young adulthood of trauma.

As I followed Margaret through the story, I found that looking deeper into a person can reveal treasures I did not know existed. Margaret lived through tragic events and she rejects God because she feels he let her down. 

I understood her anger with God and when her heart softens, because of a relationship she forms with an authentic Christian coworker, I see it is a genuine realization and not some unbelievable event an author is trying to force on me. 

All Together in One Place, a Novel of Kinship, Courage, and Faith

By Jane Kirkpatrick,

Book cover of All Together in One Place, a Novel of Kinship, Courage, and Faith

Why this book?

All Together in One Place had me hooked just by reading the back cover. As I read about Mazy, her somewhat difficult marriage and the tragedy of loss, I found courage and hope. 

All Together in One Place traces the real-life story of a group of people traveling by wagon on the Oregon Trail in 1852. All the men in the caravan die and these women must decide to work with their differences and learn it is necessary to rely on each other in order to survive.

Reading Kirkpatrick’s book taught me about genuine faith and why asking for help is vital. The authentic dialogue and struggles the women have within the pages of history and this book gave me a perspective on life I did not have.

The Remember Box

By Patricia Sprinkle,

Book cover of The Remember Box

Why this book?

I laughed out loud reading The Remember Box. Though the story is serious, Sprinkle captured the concerns and problem-solving that 11-year-old girls have in a time in history, 1949, when life in the South was confusing for those families who took a stand against prejudice.

The author sprinkles Carley’s sense of humor throughout the novel, such as describing an imaginary friend her young neighbor has. You grow to love and understand Carley.

That Carley’s Uncle Stephen is a minister, and the novel describes the difficulties of applying God’s word to real-life issues, makes the book even better. As Carley deals with the loss of her mother to polio, she must decide if she wants to embrace her uncle’s Christian faith or reject it.

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