The best Christian romance with spiritual and romantic passion

Julie Lessman Author Of Isle of Hope: Unfailing Love (Isle of Hope Series Volume 1)
By Julie Lessman

The Books I Picked & Why

Redeeming Love

By Francine Rivers

Book cover of Redeeming Love

Why this book?

Based on the Biblical story of the prophet Hosea and his prostitute wife, Gomer, Redeeming Love is the pinnacle 5-star book in the Christian market. A Christian bestseller list since 1991, it has sold more than three million copies and is a major motion picture. I love how Francine Rivers transports this important Biblical story into 1850 Gold Rush times, driving its lesson home in a most powerful way.

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Stay with Me

By Becky Wade

Book cover of Stay with Me

Why this book?

A friend once told me to read Becky Wade because her books were similar to mine.

I did and wow, I loved her style and immediately put everything of hers on auto-buy! Realistic temptation and passion mixed with heart- and soul-wrenching life lessons—home run for the Christian romance reader!

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Sweetbriar Cottage

By Denise Hunter

Book cover of Sweetbriar Cottage

Why this book?

love realistic romantic passion with an accent mark on true-to-life spiritual lessons, and believe it or not, that’s not necessarily an easy find in the Christian market. So when I judged Denise in an American Christian Fiction Writers contest, I knew she was definitely an author for me.

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To Win Her Favor

By Tamera Alexander

Book cover of To Win Her Favor

Why this book?

Tamera and I had the same agent who said Tamera’s books and mine were similar in that both were “a cut above” your typical Christian romance. I concur because Tamera’s books are not only beautifully written, they are a wealth of spiritual passion that perfectly dovetails with classic romantic passion.

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The Mistletoe Countess

By Pepper Basham

Book cover of The Mistletoe Countess

Why this book?

I asked my readers which authors/books were most similar to mine in romantic and spiritual passion. If I heard Pepper’s name once, I heard it a dozen times—passionately! I know firsthand that when it comes to Christian “passion,” Pepper’s books certainly deliver with kisses that quicken the pulse and lessons that stir the soul.

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