The best books written by science fiction masters

The Books I Picked & Why

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

By Jules Verne

Book cover of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Why this book?

This is an iconic novel that projects the mind of an author who was years ahead of his time. Many of Verne’s books have been put on the big screen, and a hundred-plus years after his death his books are still being published. Personally, I believe Verne was the author who opened the door for future science fiction writers of the twentieth century. The technology he used in his books was futurist for the time they were written and the key to being a successful science fiction writer.

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By Isaac Asimov

Book cover of Foundation

Why this book?

Isaac Asimov was an author who thought out of the box. Foundation is one of the best science fiction series of all time. Asimov was insightful for the time he lived – mainly during WWII and used the turmoil of the uncertainties of war to weave a much bigger story. Instead of Hitler’s Thousand-Year Reich, you have a galactic war spanning a thousand years where Earth is a forgotten world. Asimov’s use of psychohistory to predict the future is spellbinding and pulls readers into his story and holds them captive until the last page. Surviving WWII enabled Asimov to anticipate what the future could be like by using real science as a jumping-off point for his novels. His books are as enjoyable and futuristic today as they were when published over seventy years ago.

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The Time Machine

By H.G. Wells

Book cover of The Time Machine

Why this book?

The Time Machine was published in 1895 and served as the catalyst for future science fiction writers dealing with time travel. This novel warns of the eventual doom of the human race. Wells wrote this fictional story over a hundred years ago and the divisions in class and the calamity of war still exist today just as it did during his lifetime. Each war his time traveler encountered was more devastating than the previous one, reflecting the human tendency to never learn from the past and to continue to control and manipulate people they consider less than themselves. Sound familiar? H.G. Wells had an incredible mind, and his books continue to entertain people to this day.

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By Frank Herbert

Book cover of Dune

Why this book?

Dune has been put on the big screen several times. This novel is a work of genius and one of the bestselling science fiction books of all time. The Dune series reflects Frank Herbert’s imaginative mind. The adventure never stops, and at the end of each book, the reader eagerly anticipates the next novel in the series.

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Clive Cussler's The Devil's Sea

By Dirk Cussler

Book cover of Clive Cussler's The Devil's Sea

Why this book?

Clive Cussler is one of the few authors whose real-life adventures paralleled that of his action hero, Dirk Pitt, creating a compelling story. It is easier to convey an adventure story if you have actually lived it. I was humbled by an editorial review and a number of readers that stated my book is reminiscent of Clive Cussler’s works.

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