The best books that transport select people from Earth to other realms

Steven J. Morris Author Of The Guardian of the Palace: Book 1 of The Guardian League
By Steven J. Morris

Who am I?

Fantasy takes me to a place where I can get out of my own skin, explore new worlds, and live adventures. The stories that pulled folks from our world (for those of you as loosely tethered as I am, I refer to Earth) provided more connection to the idea that I could be in those fantasy worlds and involved in those stories. That’s the bonus level of escapism! I didn’t realize just how many of my favorite stories fell into that category until I wrote this. Those books were definitely instrumental in my writing, though I didn’t follow any of those specific formulas. I’ll have to write another grouping for the other major category of books that influenced my writing.

I wrote...

The Guardian of the Palace: Book 1 of The Guardian League

By Steven J. Morris,

Book cover of The Guardian of the Palace: Book 1 of The Guardian League

What is my book about?

Everyone knows magic isn’t real. Alien invaders? Ha! But something destroyed an entire skyscraper in a never-before-seen implosion. Can one skeptical security guard stand between monsters and magic that threaten the world?

The Guardian of The Palace is the action-packed first book in The Guardian League fantasy series. If you like magic intruding on reality, exploring new worlds, and a good chuckle, then you'll love Steven J. Morris's inventive tale. Buy The Guardian of The Palace for a monstrous serving of adventure today!

The books I picked & why

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The Mirror of Her Dreams

By Stephen R. Donaldson,

Book cover of The Mirror of Her Dreams

Why this book?

The Mirror of Her Dreams, Book 1 of Mordant’s Need, is my all-time favorite book. A woman who believes herself dull and unlovable finds herself transported to a world where at least someone believes she is special. The world is doused in a spectacular kind of magic, which I won’t spoil. But the book focuses on someone from our world learning about another reality and growing into a much stronger person than she believed possible. 

The Time Of The Dark

By Barbara Hambly,

Book cover of The Time Of The Dark

Why this book?

This is the first book of the three-book Darwath Series. A powerful wizard, in an attempt to save his world, winds up pulling a couple of people over from Earth. The relationships and the struggles, along with the wry humor, make this book great. All of Hambly’s fantasy books that I’ve read have worlds where magic does not come easy, and I always appreciate the price that magic users have to pay. This series of hers has a frighteningly good tale—that ending!

The War of the Flowers

By Tad Williams,

Book cover of The War of the Flowers

Why this book?

Tad Williams has many acclaimed series, but this stand-alone novel is my favorite. The protagonist is pulled into another realm where magic reigns supreme. The protagonist must uncover his past while learning about his place in the magical realm before both worlds are destroyed. The way Williams has connected up the two worlds is unique, and the world-building alone gets this story on my must-read list.

The Silent Tower

By Barbara Hambly,

Book cover of The Silent Tower

Why this book?

Yes, I’m back with another Hambly recommendation. The Windrose Chronicles is my next favorite that makes it onto this list. A programmer pulled out of her cube by the spells of a wizard… as much as I like programming, I can’t think of a day I wish that wouldn’t happen. While I enjoy the world-building, it is once again the relationships that make Hambly’s stories my favorites. The powerful and presumably mad wizard, Antryg Windrose, is one of my all-time favorite characters.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

By Douglas Adams,

Book cover of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Why this book?

Yes, I’m throwing you a curveball on this one, from fantasy to sci-fi, but this book spoke to my sense of humor at a young age, and I’ve found I still love it as an adult. Arthur Dent gets plucked out of his ordinary life on Earth into a Universe filled with excitement and humor. Things get really crazy for the poor Earthling, and the characters tickle my funny bone. 

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