The best books to inspire you to shoot for the moon

Ella Buckley Author Of Landing Among the Stars
By Ella Buckley

Who am I?

I have always loved to inspire others to follow their dreams and ultimately shoot for the moon. Even at my young age, I enjoy helping people succeed and see them be their best selves. By inspiring others, I feel as though I have made a positive impact on someone’s life so that they can reach for the stars. Not only can people in the real world change lives, but book characters can too! The collection of books I have put together represents the discovery of ourselves and who we truly are. Hopefully, these stories inspire you to go after your goals and to never give up. Happy reading!

I wrote...

Landing Among the Stars

By Ella Buckley,

Book cover of Landing Among the Stars

What is my book about?

Selena is not an ordinary eleven-year-old girl. She was born with the power to control all you see at night. But Altan with the power of the day, jeopardizes the existence of all creation. After discovering the truth of her past, Selena is determined to keep the universe out of harm’s way. Selena, along with the rest of the universe, is in grave danger. Will she be able to protect everyone from Altan? Will Selena land among the stars?

Be prepared for the launch of a sequel!

The books I picked & why

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The Art of Racing in the Rain

By Garth Stein,

Book cover of The Art of Racing in the Rain

Why this book?

This book has changed my life. It taught me how to laugh, how to cry, and how to live. From the perspective of a loyal dog named Enzo, The Art of Racing in the Rain is a touching tale about friendship and hope. As soon as I read the first page, I fell in love with the story’s concept. It helped me understand that true friends, human or not, are never going to leave their companion’s side. This is an uplifting book to dive into, especially if you enjoy reading dog stories!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

By Stephen Chbosky,

Book cover of The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Why this book?

Each page contains many ups and downs, and it is the true definition of emotional. I have felt alongside every character, and Stephen Chbosky does the best job of making sure that readers understand the message: you are not alone. Yes, the characters in this book made me cry, but they also gave me a mix of great joy. My heart was full to the brim of adoration for Charlie, the shy wallflower, and all of his ambitious friends. They seemed to carry me along for the bumpy ride of high school and help me learn more about the many mysteries of adolescent teenagers. Although these characters only existed on the pages, it was as if they were right beside me while I read this book. I will certainly never forget how to feel infinite or that we are never alone. I will always remember the impact this book made on my life, and I know it will change your life, too.


By R.J. Palacio,

Book cover of Wonder

Why this book?

August Pullman does not look like an ordinary kid. He is different… unique. But is different really a bad thing? To answer, no. This book is all about finding your own path and embracing your true colors. It is a touching story full of the most extreme highs and the lowest of lows. Wonder is told from the different perspectives of the characters, all of whom have their own side of the story to share. Each character has their own unique personality and makes the book truly memorable for readers. As the characters attempt to point out, this story represents friendship and the beauty inside of all of us.

The Outsiders

By S.E. Hinton,

Book cover of The Outsiders

Why this book?

Jam-packed with action, emotion, and intrigue, The Outsiders is a story meant to be shared. Set in the 1960s, Ponyboy Curtis must make his mark and prove that he is more than just your average Greaser. He has to show the world that he can make a difference, and anyone who reads this book can say that he changed the lives of many. Ponyboy, with the rest of his gang of Greasers, has to survive the adversity of society while finding himself along the way. It is not easy being an outsider, but the Greasers make the best out of the lives they are given. They teach readers how to “stay golden” and discover their true selves. Thanks to S.E. Hinton, millions of lives have been changed for the better and will continue to in the future.

The Giver

By Lois Lowry,

Book cover of The Giver

Why this book?

The Giver is not just a book. It is a collection; one of thoughts and feelings that should be shared. This story has led me on a journey of a lifetime. It helped me realize that there is no such thing as perfection, for it encapsulates both the light and dark side of humans. Join Jonas on his expedition to find himself and the goodness within what seems like an endless pit of sorrow. The journey may be long, yes, but it will be one to remember.

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