The best snarky books that make you feel great that you got the innuendos

Who am I?

I grew up in the lap of Borscht Belt comedy in an entertainment family, the dour child with a precocious predilection for reading archaic literature. My parents gave me a subscription to Punch Magazine and subjected me to countless comedy movies during my formative years strapped to a chair à la Clockwork Orange. Which explains how I ended up an international banker. Until late in life with the publication of my first novel, a satire. After eight successive novels, I realized that I should have listened to the family’s adage, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.”

I wrote...

Five-Star Fleecing

By Maura Stone,

Book cover of Five-Star Fleecing

What is my book about?

This award-winning darling of literary critics is a raucous tale of a luxury midtown Manhattan hotel. Seen through the eyes of Linda Lane, an unconventional heroine, Five-Star Fleecing strips the veil on the otherwise secret world of high-end hospitality. Escape with laughter into this madcap adventure filled with crazed colleagues, paparazzi, and celebrities. A definite must-read for anyone willing to ROFLMAO.

The books I picked & why

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A Confederacy of Dunces

By John Kennedy Toole,

Book cover of A Confederacy of Dunces

Why this book?

This brilliant satire is irritating and quirky like watching a train wreck about to happen. Most importantly, the author created a unique major protagonist, Ignatius, who focuses on his rudder (think about it) as well as his parrot. Ignatius, an anti-hero of sorts, has left an indelible mark on American literature where he’s the prototype and inspiration for numerous authors.


By Gary Shteyngart,

Book cover of Absurdistan

Why this book?

Hysterical, witty, and brilliant, Absurdistan is a political parody of the corruption underlying the George W Bush Administration’s war in Iraq. The main character, Misha, is an Ignatius knockoff who ends up on a rollercoaster of a hilarious adventure that gallops away with savagery about the reality of war, greed, and life.

Pride and Prejudice

By Jane Austen,

Book cover of Pride and Prejudice

Why this book?

Surprised to see this classic on my list? Regardless of the claim by literary detectives that Austen's editor was behind the sharp writing and witty lampooning, this book withstands the sands of time. Austen mocks society and human nature in such a devilish fashion, it’s like attending a gourmet food tasting event with a snarky friend.

Welcome to the Monkey House

By Kurt Vonnegut,

Book cover of Welcome to the Monkey House

Why this book?

This compilation of short stories influenced my writing as I read this while a teenager. Outlandish and funny, Kurt Vonnegut created a universe and characters that brought science fiction comedy to the mainstream. He literally knocked the socks off of establishment literature. In addition, he has been more than prophetic of today’s global foray into absurdity in one particular story, "Harrison Bergeron," which I would put on par with George Orwell’s 1984.

Help! I'm a Prisoner in a Chinese Bakery

By Alan King,

Book cover of Help! I'm a Prisoner in a Chinese Bakery

Why this book?

Regrettably, while emptying my mother’s house I discarded this book, a comedy I read and reread over the decades. The writing is funny as all get go, undiminished by age, possessing a universal quality. Which is the key to comedy: the ability to make a lot of people laugh over time, distance, cultural backgrounds, etc. Alan King was the master of comedy in this book.

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