The best love/hate romance books with a happy ending

The Books I Picked & Why

Ain't She Sweet?

By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Book cover of Ain't She Sweet?

Why this book?

I love books in which the two main characters hate each other's guts almost at first sight. It's absolutely hilarious, although the story has a surprising depth at the same time. Another thing that I love about this book is that it is a nod to other of my romance weaknesses: the regency period romance and, especially to Georgette Heyer, one of the greatest authors of all times in that literary genre. A fresh story perfect for all of you who, for some hours, want to leave the world behind. 

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Pride and Prejudice

By Jane Austen

Book cover of Pride and Prejudice

Why this book?

I don't pretend to do a brainy study here about this wonderful book that most of you I'm sure have already read. I only want to say that I came across this book for the first time when I was very young and from then on I have always thought that the relationship between Mr. Darcy and Lizzy Bennet is the best love/hate story I have ever read. I love the misunderstandings, the way that, little by little, both of them change their opinion about each other until that first distaste at first sight changes quite surprisingly even for them both into wonderful deep feelings. 

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The Hating Game

By Sally Thorne

Book cover of The Hating Game

Why this book?

The female main character in Thorne's story is one of the funniest I have met to this day. Lucy's and Joshua's love/hate relationship is really original and full of sparkling games that will keep you laughing out loud. So if you are going through a bad time my advice is: try this book! I can assure you that this is the kind of romantic story that makes you smile even in the roughest of times.

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By Alice Clayton

Book cover of Wallbanger

Why this book?

There are relationships that start badly, very badly. That is the case of the main character of this novel and her neighbor, whose active and noisy sex life does not let her sleep a wink at night. I think this is one of the least promising beginnings of a relationship in the history of romance novels beginning of a relationship, however...

If you want to read a fresh, funny comedy with a memorable love/hate relationship you can't miss this one!

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More Than Neighbors

By Isabel Keats, Simon Bruni

Book cover of More Than Neighbors

Why this book?

As I'm sure you have already guessed this is one of my own few stories translated to English ;-D. I chose it to be part of this selection because one of the few things that Cat and Leo, the main characters, have in common is how absolutely different they are. And this, I think, is one of the strong points of the book; the fact that two people that are poles apart can fall madly in love with each other. The other is that More Than Neighbors is an easy feel-good read.

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