The best suspense books with a romance to die for – literally...someone is going to die

Angelia Bailey Author Of Death 2 My Past
By Angelia Bailey

Who am I?

I never write anything without having first experienced it. To give you context, I’d never been slapped before, couldn’t tell you what it felt like or even sounded like. So, I legit had someone slap me so I could accurately depict it. Every mental health aspect in Death 2 My Past, I’ve personally experienced. Every loss, heartbreak, trauma, life event, etc. On some level, I’ve experienced it. And through everything, I learned something very important. Embrace it. I can’t stop the bad things from happening. But I can embrace the suspense of it, experience the romances, and grieve the death that encompassed my life. Death is a Butterfly.

I wrote...

Death 2 My Past

By Angelia Bailey,

Book cover of Death 2 My Past

What is my book about?

Abby has the freedom to do whatever she wants in a city with endless possibilities like Rouen. But with no memory of her life before she was ten years old and multiple mental health diagnoses, partying isn't exactly priority #1. When she goes out to celebrate handling her mental health recovery like a boss, a bright red cherry of a distraction in the form of a familiar boy with an annoyingly monstrous ego is smashed on her insanity sundae of a life. Of course, she has to at least figure out how she knows him. Curiosity killed the cat... So, thank the saints Abby isn't a cat.

The books I picked & why

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One of Us Is Lying

By Karen M. McManus,

Book cover of One of Us Is Lying

Why this book?

First of all, as the list title promises, there is a ton of suspense. This book personally was one I didn’t think I’d get into at first. But the suspense, the bit of a mystery to unravel, all paired with the forbidden-ish romance between Nate and Bronwyn had me swooning. This one particularly did remind me of the romance between Lucas and Abby in my own book due to the near forbidden nature of it. They know they really shouldn’t be around each other or together at all. Yet, they can’t help themselves. This one, in the end, taught me not every romance has to end with the couple riding off into the sunset. A real romance is hard, messy, and even painful at times.

Nearly Gone

By Elle Cosimano,

Book cover of Nearly Gone

Why this book?

This one shook me and changed my reading experience forever. First of all, the whole personality of Reece Whelan is so similar to Lucas in my book it legit made my heart ache. Lucas is based on a real person from my life and a real relationship. (If you didn’t know... now you do!) So, being able to read his personality type in a similar situation, pinged my heart instantly. The suspense kept me hanging on right along with the paranormal, yet not paranormal, element of Nearly Boswell’s ability to taste people’s emotions. It’s a win-win if you ask me. Nearly reminds me a lot of myself, too.

Die for You

By Amy Fellner Dominy,

Book cover of Die for You

Why this book?

For starters, this book was so important to have in my top 5 that I just spent the past 3 hours searching for it while only remembering a few key details. This is the only book to this day that made me angry cry and chuck it across the room. I can relate on a personal level to the toxicity of the relationship between Emma and Dillon. Don’t even get me started on Dillon’s mother. I hate her as a character. This entire story represents a reality a lot of teens face. The suspense, toxic romance, and a hint of a forbidden love did it in for me.


By Kiersten White,

Book cover of Paranormalcy

Why this book?

How could I not include the first-ever fantasy/paranormal book I ever read? It delivers on the promised suspense, death, and romance to die for. But I most loved the way the story focused on Evie, the main character, finding herself. She is thrust on this path where she literally has no choice but to find out who she really is, what it means, and how to deal with it. She has to face some hard things for a teenager all while trying to still just be a kid. The best part of YA books is the path of discovering one’s self the MCs go on. This one resonated with me on a personal level.

After: Volume 1

By Anna Todd,

Book cover of After: Volume 1

Why this book?

Now, for this one, I can’t promise the death aspect, but I can promise the suspense and romance makes up for it ten-fold. Hardin Scott is your typical bad boy. If you haven’t noticed by now, I love a good old-fashioned bad boy gone good for the right girl. This one delivers in the best way too. The gut-wrenching twist, the way you desperately root for Tessa and Hardin, and the emotion behind it. I just love it all. Plus, it’s incredibly relatable with a coming-of-age aspect thrown in.

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