The best books starring characters with four paws

The Books I Picked & Why

Such a Good Boy

By Marianna Coppo

Book cover of Such a Good Boy

Why this book?

I love Marianna’s work. She has been one of my students and since she left school she’s doing great! Buz is a lucky dog. He lives in a luxury house, he got someone taking care of him and he got good and healthy food. Buz is a good dog, but sometimes, he would like to be free of running wild and rolling in the mud.

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Say Hello to Zorro!

By Carter Goodrich, Carter Goodrich

Book cover of Say Hello to Zorro!

Why this book?

Every time I read this one I can hear the voice of Emmanuelle Beulque, my French publisher, while she’s reading it to me. I was in Paris, in Sarbacane’s bureau and this was a new book they were about to translate from the USA. She was so excited about it that she read it to me. Making someone read a book is one of the best things, even when you’re a grown-up.

Zorro is a lovely dog who lives a lovely life. He has his own armchair, his own toys, his own food bowl, and, most important of all, his own time for everything: morning wake up, a morning stroll, nap after lunch. But one day, it comes home a new dog…

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It's Only Stanley

By Jon Agee

Book cover of It's Only Stanley

Why this book?

Stanley is a very busy dog. If, in the middle of the night, you hear a noisy CLANK CLANK CLANK, it’s only Stanley fixing the oil tank. If you smell a funky smell… it’s only Stanley making catfish stew. Do you hear a buzzing noise? It’s only Stanley fixing the old TV…

I really like this one. It’s so funny, and every time the dad says “It’s only Stanley” I laugh like a kid. The ending is pretty surprising but… no spoiler.

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By Jean Jullien

Book cover of Ralf

Why this book?

Jean Jullien is one of my best favorite illustrators of the moment. Everything he does, whatever it is, a book or a poster, is simply amazing. And super funny. Like this book about a dog named Ralf.

Ralf is a long, very long, dog. It takes a lot of space when he lays on the bed or simply walks around the house. At one point he’s much too long to stay home so he has to sleep outside. But one night… Ok, ok, no spoiler again!

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Oh No, George!

By Chris Haughton

Book cover of Oh No, George!

Why this book?

George is a modern classic, one of my best favorites! I always show it to my students when I give some of my writing workshops. And it always works: they laugh! It’s a perfect story because it’s funny and because when you think you can tell how it will be ending, it surprises you with a final twist.

George is a very diligent dog but: he likes eating cakes and playing with the cat and digging the soil of the home plants. So, every time he’s all alone… it’s a disaster!

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