The best books about enemies who can’t stand the heat (between them)

Who am I?

I’ve been fascinated with high fantasy since the moment my grandmother first presented me with Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Then, add in a Nora Roberts book when I turned sixteen, and voila, my love for all things fantasy romance was born. I crave tension, romance, sizzle, and some epic fight-to-love scenes that make my blood run hot. When I started writing, I knew the exact genre I wanted to focus on–romance. All. Things. Romance. Fantasy, paranormal, contemporary–I enjoy writing them all but in every single one of my stories there lies a thread of fight–of sizzle–because what’s a happily ever after if you don’t have to work for it?

I wrote...

The Last Ward: A Dark Fantasy Romance (Cambrexian Realm)

By Jessica Wayne,

Book cover of The Last Ward: A Dark Fantasy Romance (Cambrexian Realm)

What is my book about?

His legacy is drenched in her blood. Daxon Ward has never wanted anything to do with the legacy of his bloodline. But when his brother follows in their father's footsteps and joins the realm's greatest protectors, Daxon swallows his hatred, and returns to the one place he swore he'd never set foot in again. The academy comes under attack, and Daxon crosses paths with the realms' most notorious assassin.

She's out for blood. Hell-bent on destroying the same man who turned her into a monster, Sienna uses a Guardian ceremony to sneak inside the otherwise impenetrable walls of the academy. Only, it's already under siege. She may be the only one with the power to save them all, but only if the man she's hunting doesn't find her first.

The ebook is permafree.

The books I picked & why

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Heart on Fire (The Kingmaker Chronicles, 3)

By Amanda Bouchet,

Book cover of Heart on Fire (The Kingmaker Chronicles, 3)

Why this book?

This book was one of the first romantic fantasy books I picked up and it completely captivated me from the very first page. You are immediately thrown into an incredible world, right at the same time the two main characters meet. It’s fast-paced, steamy, and perfect for anyone who loves that enemies-to-lovers vibe (me, I’m anyone). Kat and Griffin are amazing together and it’s so much fun to watch them figure that out.

Blade & Rose

By Miranda Honfleur,

Book cover of Blade & Rose

Why this book?

I binge-read the first three books in this series in a matter of days. It is seriously incredibly to watch these two characters be thrown together. Both with dark pasts of their own, seeing them fight together toward a common goal is absolutely heartwarming even as it gets frustrating at times.

Hollen the Soulless: A Fantasy Romance (Dokiri Brides)

By Denali Day,

Book cover of Hollen the Soulless: A Fantasy Romance (Dokiri Brides)

Why this book?

I cannot even begin to recommend this book enough! This entire series is the whole package. Epic heroes who live on mountain tops, a civilization that protects the rest of the world, and a man willing to do anything for the woman to whom he has given his heart. *Swoon*

Blood Oath

By Kelly St Clare, Raye Wagner,

Book cover of Blood Oath

Why this book?

This was the first book I read from these authors and it completely captivated me. Drae, a seemingly normal woman plunged into an utterly abnormal–and dangerous situation–it was a completely binge-worthy series and one I re-read. The tension between the two main characters as they fight to deny what is between them is delicious

Little Fire: A Fantasy Romance (Warriors of the Five Realms)

By Hollee Mands,

Book cover of Little Fire: A Fantasy Romance (Warriors of the Five Realms)

Why this book?

Steamy slow-burn with tension you can feel rolling off the page? This one is for you! This new-to-me author was an epic find and I cannot get enough. The world-building is beyond exceptional, the characters and their struggles–both physical and mental–are realistic even as it’s a fantasy! I one-clicked the rest of the series even before I finished the first book! 

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