The best adventure fantasy books that inspire my work

Baiculescu Ovidiu Nicolae Author Of Winterhorn
By Baiculescu Ovidiu Nicolae

Who am I?

Being of Eastern European origins, and also a child of the 80s, definitely had a say in what my likings and my character would become growing up. From the cold long winters and the white landscapes, Fantasy genre, and everything Might and Magic have shaped my childhood, my studies, my art (traditional oil painting and clay sculpting) and lingered until now (and definitely beyond).

I wrote...


By Baiculescu Ovidiu Nicolae,

Book cover of Winterhorn

What is my book about?

Delve into a world of might and magic where ancient creatures roam the earth and shape the destinies of humans.

Get to meet Lorian, a simple boy born with a leg disability, who finds himself right at the core of a timeless conflict between magic wielders and magical creatures. Without much choice, he is forced onto a wicked path of constant danger and separated without a reason from his promised love, Elmira. He befriends an Iprorim, an imp, will get to know some of the secrets of a witch called Naghnatë and will meet a Drakhahoul, Ghaeloden-Three-Horns, a dragon, who will take a peculiar interest into the boy’s fate.

The Books I Picked & Why

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The Dwarves

By Markus Heitz,

Book cover of The Dwarves

Why this book?

The Dwarves series (especially the first two books) bring the readers back in time and sets them up, straight from the beginning, on a simpler way of seeing things and also a simpler way of writing, while also being able to convey the true values of the fantasy genre with class.

Lord of Snow and Shadows

By Sarah Ash,

Book cover of Lord of Snow and Shadows: Book One of the Tears of Artamon

Why this book?

Besides the intriguing adventure and plot, this series is the masterpiece of Sarah Ash (the first books especially – and the last chapter is still being written). You’d soon fall in love with her and her exquisite and rich way of describing her magical worlds.


By Christopher Paolini,

Book cover of Eragon: Book I

Why this book?

A classic for all fantasy writers, and one of the most requested movies to be re-booted (since it hasn’t had the fair and proper representation) this book sets some guidelines for all epic-fantasy lovers. If you, like me, love stories written simply and effectively, then Paolini’s Eragon series will seem one of those reads that finishes way too soon.

Dragon Keeper

By Robin Hobb,

Book cover of Dragon Keeper

Why this book?

The Rain Wild Chronicles is masterfully written with an original interpretation of what dragons mean for the fantasy genre. Quite uniquely I would say, Robin Hobb, has a different way of seeing and setting her own fantasy worlds. This series makes for quite the adventure. It has its own way of appealing to a more contemporary audience and makes for one of the fastest, yet pleasant reads.

The Children of Húrin

By J.R.R. Tolkien,

Book cover of The Children of Húrin

Why this book?

The man that needs no introduction, the mastermind behind what all of us love most; the middle earth. Although his stories are not likely to have a happy ending, and are quite dark, this book is no exception. Well written and illustrated, by his most famous sketch artist, Alan Lee, the novel has every element that I love; mystery, a strong and solid fictional world, and dragons.

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