The best action/suspense romance books with hot heroes and heart

Who am I?

I love the combination of action and romance and suspense. It’s a real juggle as an author to balance the two main elements (suspense and romance mostly), give each depth and page time, and make us care about the people both in love and in peril. I’ve always been drawn to suspense, even as a kid. But I gotta have the relationships, too. I used to direct plays with my childhood friends, and there were always bad guys and the romance—and this was long before I was thinking of having a real romance!

I wrote...

Wild Lies (Justiss Alliance)

By Tina Wainscott,

Book cover of Wild Lies (Justiss Alliance)

What is my book about?

Rathmusen Blackwood, aka Rath, rode off on his Harley after a SEAL team mission went deadly wrong and the media dubbed his unit “Rogue Six.” He needs to find the truth and avenge his comrades...and himself. The mole who fed the U.S. lethally false information is hiding in cartel territory in Mexico, so Rath breaks into the secluded house where intel says Dan is staying.

Instead, he finds Dan’s beautiful daughter, Neesa, who’s risking her life to find her father. Rath looks more like a narco than he does an agent, but he proves himself capable when she’s attacked. They follow Dan’s trail, and as their secrets come to light they are drawn deeper into mystery, danger, and a love neither could have imagined…

The books I picked & why

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The Unsung Hero

By Suzanne Brockmann,

Book cover of The Unsung Hero

Why this book?

Suzanne was one of the early military romance superstars, at least for me. Her books aren’t always just a simple chronological storyline. Here we meet a few couples or couples-to-be, plus there’s a flashback story as well. This is the first of the Troubleshooters series, and it was great to see how it started with a SEAL hero whose sighting of a terrorist in his hometown wasn’t believed because he’d had a head injury in combat. Tracking him down, while finding himself around a lost love, makes for a satisfying read.

Sam's Folly

By Carmen Desousa,

Book cover of Sam's Folly

Why this book?

This story has a great combination of romance and suspense and action. You gotta love Sam, who's just trying to keep his family's rescue organization going and has such strong loyalty toward his family. And Nora's courageous and feisty, just trying to survive from a dangerous situation. Carmen’s books are low on the explicit and violence/gore scale, which is perfect when you want to go on a ride without all of the extraneous cursing and whatnot. 

With No Remorse

By Cindy Gerard,

Book cover of With No Remorse

Why this book?

This book jumps off the page from moment one and doesn't let up. But along the way, I got to know and love the two leads, completely different people thrown together, overcoming their baggage to stay alive, and find love. Valentina is a supermodel and he’s a Back Ops Inc bad dude who had a teenage crush on Val and now gets to save her from bad guys who are trying to abduct her. Luke, however bad and yet cavalier he may come off, his hiding some serious baggage that he gets to unpack in this high-rolling story. 

Carnal Innocence

By Nora Roberts,

Book cover of Carnal Innocence

Why this book?

I read this long ago, but its sensual southern essence stays with me. Less action but definitely suspenseful, it pairs a chilly violinist needing some time to hide away with a sexy southern charmer from a wealthy family who may be her undoing…or he may be a killer. I like, and have written, these kinds of stories with heroes who are also suspects. In a romantic suspense, though, we readers *know* that the hero is *not* going to be the killer. Where’s the HEA in that??? But we can be uneasy about him, which is all part of the ride!

In Rides Trouble

By Julie Ann Walker,

Book cover of In Rides Trouble

Why this book?

I started getting to know Becky and Frank in the first book, always a yummy tease in an ensemble cast series. She's in love with him, but he has his reasons for not getting romantically involved with her. Best intentions, right? But throw in some pirates, danger, and pain meds and Frank gets a taste of Becky, and there’s no turning back! I really liked Becky’s kick-butt attitude, and especially that there’s lots of juicy conflict as these two navigate the turbulent waters between them.

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