The best zompoc books (zombie + apocalypse)

Chris Philbrook Author Of Dark Recollections: Adrian's Undead Diary Book One
By Chris Philbrook

Who am I?

Chris Philbrook spent almost two decades figuring out he didn’t want to use his business degree for business, and his psychology degree for mental health. Instead, he started writing books about zombies, several of which went on to hit bestseller status, and life has been far better as a result. He has authored over 25 books now, spanning multiple genres.

I wrote...

Dark Recollections: Adrian's Undead Diary Book One

By Chris Philbrook,

Book cover of Dark Recollections: Adrian's Undead Diary Book One

What is my book about?

Dark Recollections follows a middle-aged man named Adrian Ring. Adrian wakes up to the sound of a shotgun going off just outside his condo, and things don’t get better as the day goes on. People have started dying, but they aren’t staying that way, and Adrian soon finds himself desperately fighting for survival, and figuring out what the future could possibly hold in a world overrun by pure evil.

The books I picked & why

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Zombie Fallout

By Mark Tufo,

Book cover of Zombie Fallout

Why this book?

Mike Talbot is the main character in Mark Tufo’s series, and he’s beloved by the hundreds of thousands of people who have read the sixteen-book epic. Mike’s story follows his survival in the wake of a botched vaccine spreading an undead plague, but as we discover, there’s far more happening beneath the surface of his reality. There are companion novel series’ connected to Zombie Fallout, and they expand on the events in this core saga. But, telling you their titles might spoil some of the world development. If you enjoy brutal survival, with powerful emotional realism and sarcastic humor that will have you holding your sides, this is a premier series in the zompoc genre.


By David Moody,

Book cover of Autumn

Why this book?

Autumn is a two-stage apocalypse story that spills out the horror of the world ending from a mysterious infection, followed up by a second, species-crushing wave of terror as the dead return to life to finish the job the infection began. Autumn is dark, and brutal, and is an older book in the genre, but a refreshing take on the trope of zombies. It’s filled with beautiful imagery and characters with depth and runs into a six-book series.

Until the End of the World

By Sarah Lyons Fleming,

Book cover of Until the End of the World

Why this book?

Sarah Lyons Fleming has an almost supernatural ability to create human tension amongst powerfully real characters. In her four book series she creates a tremendous amount of terror and melancholy amongst her troupe of friends as they travel through unending hordes of the dead. Sarah’s series crosses seasons and years, bringing in the effects of weather, and the environment, and expands the terror of the monsters into a blood-soaked boomerang that Keeps. Coming. Back.

The Feral Children: Animals

By David A. Simpson, Wesley R. Norris,

Book cover of The Feral Children: Animals

Why this book?

Zompoc novels that involve kids are a tough pill to swallow, but David and Wesley have done something totally different with their story of a field trip gone awry in the early days of the apocalypse. One part Lord of the Flies, one part Night of the Living Dead, the three books in the Feral Children series sees school kids surviving the zombie apocalypse trapped in the city zoo, and it follows them as they befriend the animals there, and then step out with those animals at their backs. The Feral Children gives you the opportunity to read about clever kids surviving the horrors of the undead, as well as getting the chance to read about what a bear might do when faced with the undead.

Rot & Ruin

By Jonathan Maberry,

Book cover of Rot & Ruin

Why this book?

Rot & Ruin picks up late in the apocalypse, so late, in fact, it’s solidly in the post-apocalyptic period of the end of this world. This is the only book amongst these recommendations that are advertised and listed as being for a young adult audience, but as an adult, I enjoyed this book and series thoroughly. Rot & Ruin’s two main protagonists—the Imura brothers—are endearing, and sweet, and tough, and are fun to follow as they try to make a difference that’s been irrevocably destroyed by the undead plague. It’s filled with equal parts dread, and hope, and is a standout in the genre.

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