The best zombie books from someone who loves old monster movies

Who am I?

I’ve been an avid horror fan since staying up late and watching old monster movies on the television when I was a kid. Zombies were always my favorite and after reading hundreds of zombie books I thought I could write with a unique perspective. Drawing from years of military, trucking, and prepping experience, I wrote the Zombie Road series as a tale that offered more hope than doom and gloom. Most of the characters are based on real people so they have real personalities, real hopes and dreams, and real flaws. If you decide to read the series and want to be surprised by the story arc, don’t read too many reviews, just dive right in. 

I wrote...

Zombie Road: Convoy of Carnage

By David A. Simpson,

Book cover of Zombie Road: Convoy of Carnage

What is my book about?

They weren’t heroes, they were everyday people. Gunny, a truck driver and veteran, is minding his own business over a cup of coffee at the Three Flags Truck Stop when all hell breaks loose.

Trapped inside the building with dwindling supplies and surrounded by the undead, he and his fellow survivors have a choice to make: Stay and die or leave and probably die. With two thousand miles between them and the nearest safe zone, they know their chances of making it are slim.

The books I picked & why

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Dead Hunger

By Eric A. Shelman, Jeffrey Kosh (illustrator),

Book cover of Dead Hunger

Why this book?

Shelman is one of the Godfathers of indie zompoc. He was an early adaptor to the Amazon self-publishing model and his series, Dead Hunger, was one of the first I read. It starts at the beginning of the outbreak and covers the ups and downs over decades in the 10-book series. Great characters, compelling science, and heartfelt situations kept me reading. The villains were unique, the heroes were likable and funny and the story moves along quickly. There is lots of action and some over-the-top situations as the band of survivors try to stay alive and rebuild a life for themselves. Shelman narrates his own books (and many others) and is one of the absolute best voice actors I’ve listened to.

Urban Gridlock: Chronicles of the Undead: Book 1

By Jaime Hernandez,

Book cover of Urban Gridlock: Chronicles of the Undead: Book 1

Why this book?

Jaime is a newcomer in the writing world but you wouldn’t know that by reading her books. Her Chronicles of the Undead series starts out on day one and captures all of the chaos and uncertainty and violence of a zombie outbreak. The book centers on two men caught up in the chaos at their construction jobs in downtown Cleveland. It’s a classic tale of finding safety, finding their families, and doing what needs to be done. As of summer 2020, there are two books in the series but she is writing more and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Zombie Fallout

By Mark Tufo,

Book cover of Zombie Fallout

Why this book?

Tufo can be hilarious, brutal, and ingenious all at the same time. His Zombie Fallout series is huge with 17 books in the main storyline and a handful of tie-in books. He is continuing the story and more books are on the way. Like some of the best tales in the genre, it starts on “day one” and goes on a wild journey with a lot more than just zombies to contend with. Whoever thought the HOA lady could be so treacherous? Tufo is another of the Godfathers of indie zompoc and is definitely a must-read.

The Undead. The First Seven Days

By R.R. Haywood,

Book cover of The Undead. The First Seven Days

Why this book?

Haywood starts out on day one and the action rarely slows down. Howie and Dave are some of the best characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about and what sets this series apart is the location. Haywood is British and the series is set in England naturally. The challenges are different, the landscape is different and the undead are definitely different. Over the 25-book series, and still going strong, the undead evolve and change and it’s a fascinating tale to follow.

Red Dirt Zombies 1: The Battle for Roswell Georgia

By Michael Peirce,

Book cover of Red Dirt Zombies 1: The Battle for Roswell Georgia

Why this book?

Pierce writes intelligent military zompoc because he’d been in the thick of things during the Rhodesian war. He knows a thing or two about writing battle scenes because he’s done a thing or two in real life. This story is different because it isn’t about a tiny group of survivors trying to make through the apocalypse. It’s bigger in scope and encompasses one governor and the national guard doing all they can to hold the line against the undead hordes. Intelligent writing and “believable” scenarios set this military thriller apart from many of the rest.

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