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James L.P. Thompson Author Of Voidoxity: The Eternal King
By James L.P. Thompson

Who am I?

I’m a Canadian author and artist that loves to write and draw the darker side of fantasy. Ever since I was a child, I have adored mythology, horror, and the creatures and worlds that are present within the fantasy genre. The world of fantasy has unlimited imagination, and its lore and structure grow constantly, which gives endless ideas to us writers to create endless brilliant realms and the creatures that dwell within them.

I wrote...

Voidoxity: The Eternal King

By James L.P. Thompson,

Book cover of Voidoxity: The Eternal King

What is my book about?

Demon King Aergos awakens after a thousand-year coma, with no memory of who he is nor his life. Becoming aware of certain catastrophic events of his past leading to his imprisonment inside of an ancient relic in the form of a crimson gemstone, he begins to traverse the realm of the relic, searching for answers to his life and a way to escape to the physical world. Finding a magical mirror within the relic’s realm, he makes contact with a woman named Kisara, who is also burdened with being imprisoned in her own way. They make a pact to help each other escape and begin a new journey together to find the Demon King’s ancient kingdom and the one responsible for sealing him away.

The books I picked & why

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The Essential Tales of H. P. Lovecraft

By H.P. Lovecraft,

Book cover of The Essential Tales of H. P. Lovecraft

Why this book?

The Essential Tales of H.P. Lovecraft is a collection of some of Lovecraft’s famous horror stories. "The Call of Cthulhu" is one that I truly enjoyed the most. If you are a fan of horror and otherworldly beings, then I believe that you would love this book as much as I do. The creatures and the ambiance that are present in his stories are fascinating, and just give a wonderful look into the many worlds of horror and the unknown that he created. His works are some of the things that inspired me to become a dark fantasy writer and a gothic-style artist.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians the Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel

By Rick Riordan, Attila Futaki (illustrator),

Book cover of Percy Jackson and the Olympians the Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel

Why this book?

The Percy Jackson novel series was always an interesting read when I was growing up, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy and mythology. When The Lightning Thief was published, I had gotten a copy and was not disappointed. It was an inspiration to me and continues to be even today, since I was and am a fan of mythology and the stories that come with them. Even now, the novel series is still amazing and an inspiration. The way Rick Riordan portrayed his characters, and their adventures was exciting and taught me a lot about the fantasy genre and what huge potential it has in its lore.

Artemis Fowl: Lost Colony

By Eoin Colfer,

Book cover of Artemis Fowl: Lost Colony

Why this book?

The Artemis Fowl series is one of my favourite reads. The Lost Colony was especially an enjoyable read due to its time traversing and presence of demons and magic. I recommend this novel and the entire Artemis Fowl series if you love a well-paced and enjoyable read into one of the many intricate worlds of fantasy. This novel is one of the many that inspired me to become a fantasy writer and gave me some inspiration and ideas when coming up with the storyline for my first novel.

Dread Island: A Classics Mutilated Tale

By Joe R. Lansdale, Menton Mathews III (illustrator),

Book cover of Dread Island: A Classics Mutilated Tale

Why this book?

Dread Island was an enjoyable read for me due to its mix of Lovecraftian horror intertwined with the old tales of Huckleberry Fin. The way Joe R. Lansdale depicted his version of the story was incredible and gave me the insight that anything can be made into a horror story. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys horror, especially Lovecraftian-style horror.

Tekken Vol.1: Blood Feud

By Cavan Scott, Andie Tong (illustrator),

Book cover of Tekken Vol.1: Blood Feud

Why this book?

The Tekken fighting game franchise has always been an inspiration to me. When this comic book series came out, I was beyond thrilled, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Tekken is a series about a family battle between a son, father, and grandfather, all possessing a form of cursed bloodline and the desire for power and to become the best there is within a fighting tournament. This book and its visuals helped me finalize some of the character aspects within my first novel and helped me picture fight scenes being more powerful and ferocious. I recommend this book and its series to any who likes fantasy-like fights and fighting games/books.

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