The best picture books about cities

The Books I Picked & Why

This Is New York

By Miroslav Sasek

Book cover of This Is New York

Why this book?

Anyone who is curious about other cities and cultures will love the complete series of the This Is… books by Miroslav Sasek. They are filled with exciting facts and the colorful illustrations are truly delightful. From New York, to London, to Hong Kong, and many more, these books will inspire you to travel the world!

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A Lion in Paris

By Beatrice Alemagna

Book cover of A Lion in Paris

Why this book?

A Lion in Paris is the story about a Lion who moves to Paris to find a job, love, and a future. The book is a beautiful portrayal of what it’s like to be a stranger in a new city, especially one as big and busy as Paris.  You may feel a bit lonely at first, but with time you’ll be able to find your own special place. 

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The Everywhere Bear

By Julia Donaldson, Rebecca Cobb

Book cover of The Everywhere Bear

Why this book?

The combination of Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb is fantastic. I love the playful illustrations (just look at the children’s hair!), and the rhymes make the story sing. The book tells the story about the Bear from Class One who accidentally gets lost and thus begins his big adventure throughout the city showing us places that can sometimes be hidden from our everyday lives.  

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Last Stop on Market Street

By Matt de la Peña, Christian Robinson

Book cover of Last Stop on Market Street

Why this book?

The wonderful thing about living in a big city is the wide variety of people you’ll see and meet every day, and a bus ride can help you discover this, just like Nana shows CJ. This book is heartwarming and you’ll fall in love with Nana and the way in which she sees the world. She is one of those people who finds the good and the beauty in everything. The illustrations by Christian Robinson are wonderful as always and add an extra layer of warmth to this story.  

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A World of Your Own

By Laura Carlin

Book cover of A World of Your Own

Why this book?

This book is all about using your imagination! It will surely inspire you to observe and create your very own world or city, where anything is possible. Laura Carlin’s illustrations are wonderfully witty and it shows you how you can take an everyday thing and turn it into something new and totally exciting.  

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