The best panty damping books with badass female leads

Kim Schubert Author Of Dead Shifter Walking
By Kim Schubert

Who am I?

Well, that’s a deep ask, can we rain check that for when I feel the need to deep dive my jacked-up psyche? I feel grossly unprepared.... What I do love, are romance novels. I have fairly strict requirements in what books should be allowed into that category. There needs to be, at least one, panty-dampening, heart-racing, mouth-watering sex scene. More than that, I'm a firm member of bitches who are too much. It should be no surprise my reading taste trends to similar loudmouthed female leads. If you've happened upon my personally curated list of my favorite panty-dampening books with badass female leads, I welcome you and rejoice in the companionship. 

I wrote...

Dead Shifter Walking

By Kim Schubert,

Book cover of Dead Shifter Walking

What is my book about?

Olivia is an exceptionally talented killer with a dark past and a questionable future. As the lead executioner for the Supernatural Council of the eastern United States, she patrols her territory delivering justice and death without remorse.

Until the vampires threw a wrench in her well-planned days, announcing their existence to the human public, forcing her into a political spotlight she never wanted. Add a rogue supernatural going on killing sprees, and it’s perfectly understandable why she drinks heavily. With the help of a tall, dark, deadly vampire and her gang of misfits, Olivia fights to maintain the order she has worked so restlessly for.

The books I picked & why

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Flames of Chaos

By Amelia Hutchins,

Book cover of Flames of Chaos

Why this book?

I must admit now to having an obsession with female leads who are a bit broken, with spines of steel and a stubborn streak that refuse to bend. Not because I find them eerily similar to my own disposition or anything. *cough*cough*

Anyways, Aria is all that badassery, and a bag of flaming hot chips. The twist and turns book one revealed had me devouring the digital pages into the wee hours of the morning with zero regrets, waking up exhausted to take care of small children. Her man? Wait, let me fan myself from imaginary anticipation. Whew, he’s a hot mess express with enough baggage to sink the best cruise liners.

Amelia peels back the layers of imagination and dives into the raw, pure bliss, that only an author with a wicked imagination and talent can deliver. Go, read, so we can wait in agony together for the next installment.

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club

By Emma Holly,

Book cover of The Billionaire Bad Boys Club

Why this book?

I must admit, I typically enjoy my pantry dripping scenes in the paranormal genera, but every once in a while I like to wander the digital aisles and partake in something new.

Y’all, this book has stayed with me for years as a beautifully written description of male anatomy. Seriously, I didn’t know an expert description of a mushroom head could do it for me. I was happily shocked. I’m going to admit this is the first book I dipped my toe into the waters of multiple partners, at once. But these pages are more than steamy, juice-dripping scenes. The way she breathed life into these exquisite characters, makes me wanna jump in and join. This is one of those books I hated to finish, my heart (and other parts) were aching when I reached the conclusion.

If you are looking for a feel-good, down-a-dirty read, I highly recommend.

A Demon Bound

By Debra Dunbar,

Book cover of A Demon Bound

Why this book?

I adore my badass bitches to have a colorful sense of humor and I can’t get enough when they own exactly who and what they are with zero fucks given. I can hear the cheering crowd now for this demon turned good-gal.

I’m also going to admit that I have a personal habit and skipping overly detailed, drawn-out descriptions. I know, I know, patience isn’t one of my strong points. Debra, however, had me reading and enjoying her descriptions. [Insert shocked face here.]

Samantha Martin, or Sam to her friends, is fearless, unafraid to make mistakes, shameless, confident, funny, and I want to have drinks with her.

While the down and dirty scenes are a bit more PG, the plot line is perfection, characters exceptionally well created, and some moments from the series are forever etched in my brain.

“I’m here for my angel.”

Sigh, girl, aren’t we all? Except I’m not sure we can apply that line in the bedroom. *giggle*

Taken by the MC

By Devyn Douglas,

Book cover of Taken by the MC

Why this book?

Do you ever have that moment while reading, when you look up at normal life happening blissfully, while you are balls deep in a dirty scene? Yeah, me too. This one is one, of many books, I’m eternally grateful for a privacy screen protector on my phone. Don’t have one? Highly recommend, so that you too can enjoy deliciously naughty scenes while at your children’s jiu jitsu class. What? There’s no judgment here.

While my other recommendations have included females who are literally kicking ass, taking names, and leaving a trail of dead bodies, this book reminds me that badassery takes on many forms. And finding a happily ever after is unique to each and every person.

Halfway to the Grave

By Jeaniene Frost,

Book cover of Halfway to the Grave

Why this book?

I will one hundred percent admit I saved my absolute favorite for last. I’m not the kind who re-reads books often, preferring fresh meat to lay my twisted tastes into. But this one y’all, this one has my heart.

Cat and Bones.

Dreamy sigh.

One badass female who kills first and asks questions later and the vampire who is fucking obsessed with her, in all the delectable ways. Writing why I love this book I’m having the realization I not only love panty-dripping scenes, but also have an unhealthy obsession with an epic love story.

I have to go feed my fourteen cats now. Kidding! It’s only three dogs, my kids are allergic to cats.

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