The best Christian romance novels that will keep you on the edge of your seat

MaryLu Tyndall Author Of Veil of Pearls
By MaryLu Tyndall

The Books I Picked & Why

The Captive Heart

By Michelle Griep

Book cover of The Captive Heart

Why this book?

Reminiscent of the wildness, adventure, and romance of The Last of the Mohicans, Captive Heart sizzles on every page. This is Michelle Griep's best book yet and one that played out before my eyes like an epic movie I kept wanting to watch over and over. The romance is perfect, the adventure nonstop, and the characters really touch your heart. 

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A Passion Most Pure

By Julie Lessman

Book cover of A Passion Most Pure

Why this book?

Julie is my go-to author for great characters, a heart-rendering romance, and a plot that keeps you turning pages. Her expertise is characters. After I read this book, I felt like all the characters were my best friends. The romance and passion are over the top for a Christian novel, but not too far. If you like family sagas, this is a great book to start. Julie is just one darn good author.

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Port Royal (Buccaneers, Book 1)

By Linda Lee Chaniki

Book cover of Port Royal (Buccaneers, Book 1)

Why this book?

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned pirate romance? I read all of Linda Chaikin’s pirate books long before I even started writing. She is an excellent novelist who does impeccable research. Her characters are lovable, the ship scenes exciting, the romance invigorating, and well, the stories are just plain fun!  

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A Voice in the Wind

By Francine Rivers

Book cover of A Voice in the Wind

Why this book?

This is just one of those books that you never forget. I rarely keep books on my shelf these days due to space, but this series is one that I will never give away. All I can say is it is a very powerful read, based on the history of the Jews after Rome captured them in the 1st century. The story follows a young Jewish girl sold into slavery. There’s romance, adventure, great characters, history, and a story that will touch your heart in multiple ways. 

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Dreamspell: A Medieval Time Travel Romance

By Tamara Leigh

Book cover of Dreamspell: A Medieval Time Travel Romance

Why this book?

I just love time travel stories. If you couple that with the Medieval time period, I’m there. Tamara Leigh is one of the best Medieval authors out there. This was one of the first books I read of hers, and I was hooked. If you like time travel, romance, great history, and a fun and exciting plot, you will love this book!. 

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