The best middle grade graphic novels about magic and the supernatural

The Books I Picked & Why

The Accursed Vampire

By Madeline McGrane

Book cover of The Accursed Vampire

Why this book?

I really enjoy McGrane’s sense of humor in both her illustrations and storytelling. I definitely wasn’t expecting to cry at the end, but I did! I truly felt for Dragoslav, who is a vampire child struggling with friendships, fears, and trusting people (especially the adults in their life). Not to worry: There are plenty of laughs, cool imagery, and lots of heart. I highly recommend this to fans of horror, humor, or both. 

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Baba Yaga's Assistant

By Marika McCoola, Emily Carroll

Book cover of Baba Yaga's Assistant

Why this book?

I’m a huge fan of Emily Carroll’s comic art, which is creepy, emotional, and perfectly echoes the tone of McCoola’s story. In this book, teenager Masha runs away from home to live with the terrifying, child-eating witch Baba Yaga. Luckily, Masha is able to impress the Baba Yaga with her wit and knowledge of Russian folklore. But when Masha’s little sister gets captured by the witch, Masha has to finally face the family troubles she’s been avoiding.

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By Kat Leyh

Book cover of Snapdragon

Why this book?

The setting, characters, and lore in Snapdragon are so refreshing, that I consider this a must-read for fantasy fans. It’s about a middle-school outcast named Snapdragon (or just “Snap”) who befriends the local witch, Jacks. Leyh’s story seamlessly bounces back between the present, the past, and Snap’s creepy stories about the ghost who haunts her family: One-Eyed Tom. This is a fun book with a lot to chew on! 

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Beetle & the Hollowbones

By Aliza Layne

Book cover of Beetle & the Hollowbones

Why this book?

This is a funny and beautifully drawn love story about two preteen witches– What else can you ask for? Beetle is a goblin living in a magical world and studying sorcery under her grandmother. The fast-paced plot revolves around her and her childhood BFF Kat trying to free Blob Ghost, who is spiritually bound to a local mall that is about to be demolished. Beetle and Kat sweetly and awkwardly fumble around as they try to solve the mystery behind Blob Ghost, and watching them navigate their feelings and work through their insecurities is the highlight of this book. 

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Anya's Ghost

By Vera Brosgol

Book cover of Anya's Ghost

Why this book?

Reader beware: This is a Young Adult graphic novel! I’m recommending it to those who are on the older side of middle grade and might enjoy reading about teenagers. Anya is chubby, unpopular, and self-conscious of her Russian-immigrant background. But her popularity gets a boost after she befriends Emily, a ghost who died centuries ago and never got to experience teenhood (or so you think). Lots of humor, suspense, and life lessons learned the hard way! 

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