The best books for spiritual growth, healing, & hope

Danyelle Scroggins Author Of Blame It On My Boots: Smith Family Cowgirls & Christian Romance
By Danyelle Scroggins

The Books I Picked & Why

Holy Bible

By Unknown

Book cover of Holy Bible

Why this book?

For years, I would just skim through it as the pastor would say, “Turn in your Bibles to this passage.” But by the time I was twenty-seven, it hit me that this book was a must-read that produces faith. Thus began my journey of reading for self-revelation, healing, growth, but most of all, faith.

I love it because no matter how old it is, it lends messages of hope, healing, and restoration that cannot or should not be ignored. The greatest value I’ve gotten from the Bible is the power of love.

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Play to Win (Southern Gentlemen Book 1)

By Ja'Nese Dixon

Book cover of Play to Win (Southern Gentlemen Book 1)

Why this book?

I love all things family and in Play to Win, Author Ja’nese Dixon gives us a look at a family of seven but the parents get a divorce and are divorced twenty years before they remarry. This series shows how a family deals with divorce, co-parenting, business, marriage, relationships, and broken matters. Throughout this entire series, you will see some twists and turns that will shock you, but also teach you the power of forgiving and love. The value is that when you are a part of a family, you become a unit, even when there are moving parts.

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Deep Fried Trouble

By Tyora Moody

Book cover of Deep Fried Trouble

Why this book?

I am the girl who loves old people. I get a kick out of listening to their stories and wisdom on life. If you’re ever looking for me and can’t find me, go to the old person who I consider as my mentor. So, Tyora Moody in this five book series introduces the world to Mrs. Eugeena Patterson, a widow and retired teacher who knows almost everyone in her community and stays in their business. This book series will make you laugh and cry beginning with book one. I call her books my pick-me-up books.

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How Faith Works

By Frederick KC Price

Book cover of How Faith Works

Why this book?

When I was seeking God for some things greater than I felt I deserved, I began to search for reading material that could strengthen my faith and help me understand some of the things shared in the Word of God pertaining to faith. Well, the late Dr. Fredrick Price became my go-to-author. In this book, he really dissects some of the greatest stories pertaining to faith found in the Bible and helps his readers to get a full and complete understanding. I am recommending this book because it’s definitely an easy but informative read that you won’t soon forget.

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Dream Again

By Ann Marie Bryan

Book cover of Dream Again

Why this book?

There’s is nothing more calming than a book that brings hope. In this awesome book by Author Ann Marie, you’ll find such a mixture of life, struggles, and love. This book is definitely one of those second-chance books that will cause a reader to understand that your past was never meant to define your future. If you have never read a book by this author, you should definitely try one.

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