The best graphic novels for speculative fiction lovers

Who am I?

I am a compulsive reader and writer of speculative fiction, in love with the genre’s capacity to extrapolate our present social, economic and technological into horrifying/astonishing futures. That being said, I need strong writing and compelling characters to pull me into a world and make it feel lived in and real. It’s this kind of emotional realism that I seek out as a reader and try to create as an author.

I wrote...

The Oven

By Sophie Goldstein,

Book cover of The Oven

What is my book about?

Ozone depletion and dwindling resources have driven the human race into domed cities where population controls are strictly enforced. When a young couple goes looking for an anti-government paradise in the desert they get more than they bargained for.

The books I picked & why

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Last Days of an Immortal

By Gwen de Bonneval, Fabien Vehlmann,

Book cover of Last Days of an Immortal

Why this book?

Last Days of an Immortal is a stylish, picaresque foray into a lavish post-scarcity future where cloning has made death optional and bodies can be changed as easily as a shirt. The black and white art has a graphic 1960s flair enlivened with wonderful textural details. Poignant, beautiful, and totally weird with some excellent alien cultures. One of my all-time favorite graphic novels.

Upgrade Soul

By Ezra Claytan Daniels,

Book cover of Upgrade Soul

Why this book?

Strong writing, an original premise, and compelling characters make Upgrade Soul a must-read for any speculative fiction lover. Some may find Daniels’ cinematic framing and exhaustively detailed style off-putting, but to my mind that only enhances the strong vein of body-horror that runs throughout the book.


By Jeremy Sorese,

Book cover of Curveball

Why this book?

Curveball is less compelled by plot than by setting and character. Sorese’s future is gorgeously imagined in melting black, white, and gray with electric orange highlights. Every element–from the clothing to the tech to the furniture–is thoughtfully designed and elegantly rendered. Moreover, Curveball has some of the best acting I have ever seen in *any* graphic novel. A triumph!


By Matt Sheean, Malachi Ward,

Book cover of Ancestor

Why this book?

I always love a good near-future sci-fi book and the opening pages of this graphic novel deliver wonderful technological details in spades, including a ubiquitous “Service” pictured as floating pools of word balloons that cleverly conveys information overload. Then a sharp twist takes the story in a whole new, utterly unexpected direction I won’t ruin for you… Just read it.


By Roy Simon,

Book cover of Habitat

Why this book?

A generational ship fallen to ruin and tribalism? Sign me up! Roy spares no effort in bringing to life his vivid, action-packed book. The fun here is less the characters than the world-building and how artfully the past is revealed plot-point by plot-point like a delicious sci-fi strip-tease. Plus, Roy drew the shit out of this book.

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