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Randy C. Dockens Author Of Mercy of the Iron Scepter
By Randy C. Dockens

Who am I?

I’ve always been fascinated by science fiction and by Biblical Scripture. That may seem dichotomous to some, but not to me. I have a passion for science and for Scripture because both bring understanding about our world from the microcosm to the macrocosm. My writings are a mixture of science and mystery with a science fiction feel and a Christian perspective. I like stories that show how truth arises even from the dark, confusing, and ambiguity of life to help one discover something about God they may not have considered before, and at the same time enjoy a fun, fast-paced, and exciting journey as they read.

I wrote...

Mercy of the Iron Scepter

By Randy C. Dockens,

Book cover of Mercy of the Iron Scepter

What is my book about?

Kalem’s brother was taken by the king, and he wants to expose him as a fraud with steles he has discovered which implies the current king is not legitimate. Yet, Kalem falls in love with Angela, the person who is supposedly key to the stele prophecy fulfillment, but her devotion is to the current king.

Kalem must deal with his biased views and with his feelings for Angela to decide which prophecy is true.

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The books I picked & why

Left Behind

By Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins,

Book cover of Left Behind

Why did I love this book?

This book was one of the first to provide a fictional storyline in the setting of a future time in history known in the Bible as the Tribulation Period and shows how God still works even through the darkest times. A great story that shows how evil can rule the world yet still cannot ultimately overcome truth and goodness.

By Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins,

Why should I read it?

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What is this book about?

Book 1 in the 12-book series that has sold over 63 million copies!

Read the books that launched a cultural phenomenon!

“This is the most successful Christian fiction series ever.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Combines Tom Clancy–like suspense with touches of romance, high-tech flash, and biblical references.”
—New York Times

“Call it what you like, the Left Behind series . . . now has a label its creators could have never predicted: blockbuster success.”

Are you ready for the moment of truth? Mass disappearances Political crisis Economic crisis Worldwide epidemics Environmental catastrophe Military apocalypseAnd that’s just the beginning . . .…

Agents of the Apocalypse

By David Jeremiah,

Book cover of Agents of the Apocalypse

Why did I love this book?

I found this book interesting from the perspective that it is almost the flip side of the book Left Behind. While Left Behind deals with the inner circle battling the evil world leader, this book is more about the people in the periphery who are not close to the action. It shows how the acts of the evil world leader affect the average person and reveals their view of what is taking place around them.

By David Jeremiah,

Why should I read it?

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What is this book about?

Who Will Usher in Earth’s Final Days?
Are we living in the end times? Is it possible that the players depicted in the book of Revelation could be out in force today? And if they are, would you know how to recognize them?

In Agents of the Apocalypse, noted prophecy expert Dr. David Jeremiah does what no prophecy expert has done before. He explores the book of Revelation through the lens of its major players—the exiled, the martyrs, the elders, the victor, the king, the judge, the 144,000, the witnesses, the false prophet, and the beast.

One by one, Dr.…


By R.S. Ingermanson,

Book cover of Transgression

Why did I love this book?

This novel has an interesting reveal on first-century history. Two people, one on purpose, one accidentally, leave the present age to be teleported back to first-century Jerusalem and cannot find a way to get back to their modern times. Much of the New Testament history is told up close and personal where the author makes you feel like an integral part of this time of history. I was enthralled and surprised by how words affected all my senses to such a degree. I found the storyline engrossing and made me feel as if I was there.

By R.S. Ingermanson,

Why should I read it?

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What is this book about?

All your life, you dreamed about the City of God.

But you never thought you’d ever actually go there.

Until now.

Your name is Rivka Meyers, and you are a total misfit.

You are a Messianic Jew, studying at UC Berkeley. Misfit.

You are a woman getting your PhD in archaeology—a man’s field. Misfit.

You are in Israel working on an archaeological dig, pretending to be someone you’re not. Misfit.

Your Israeli co-worker on the dig tries to set you up with his cousin, Ari Kazan. Disaster.

Because Ari likes you. And you haven’t told him you’re Messianic.

Ari is…

Fallen From Babel

By T.L Higley,

Book cover of Fallen From Babel

Why did I love this book?

A man is teleported from modern times to ancient Babylon when he touches an artifact in a museum. While a lot of the Biblical narrative is not covered, it does allow one to really get a feel of what ancient Babylon would have been like and allows one to almost be a part of that culture. A truly intriguing storyline.

By T.L Higley,

Why should I read it?

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What is this book about?

Peter Thornton doesn’t believe in God.

Or rather, he doesn’t believe in one God. “All paths are valid,” he teaches his university students.

One evening he ventures to the archaeology museum and touches an artifact recently discovered from ancient Babylon.

At the touch he is transported three thousand years back in time to Old Testament Babylon.

Somehow the people know him as Rim-Sin, sorcerer and high priest to the gods of Babylon. The moment he arrives he is accused of murder—a murder Rim-Sin committed—and he must run for his life.

Against the backdrop of Nebuchadnezzar’s court at its zenith, he…

A Lever Long Enough

By Amy Deardon,

Book cover of A Lever Long Enough

Why did I love this book?

I found this an intriguing story of time travel back to the first century. Some believe Jesus’ body was stolen from the tomb and his resurrection a hoax. A group of individuals go back in time to observe the theft so they can once and for all prove the fallibility of Christianity. The story has many interesting twists which hinder their plan.

By Amy Deardon,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked A Lever Long Enough as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

A small military team travels back in time to film the theft of Jesus’ body from the tomb: "The Case for Christ" meets "The DaVinci Code."

In the near future, the Israeli military has developed a prototypic time machine. When believers in Yeshua (Jesus) create a politically explosive situation that threatens the balance of peace between Israel and nearby countries, the Israelis must send a team of four elite soldiers back to film the theft of Jesus? body from the tomb and thus disprove Christianity. The team, consisting of a Special Forces soldier as leader, an ex-American astronaut as engineering…

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