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Michael Krozer Author Of INVERSION 1: Looking Through Mirrors
By Michael Krozer

Who am I?

I write in the speculative fiction genre where an overwhelming event, seemingly beyond the control of the main characters, underpins what happens to those characters. Exploring scenarios about how society would change as a result of cyber controlled multiple personality overlays, for example, is a great opportunity for considered thought. I believe that a mind without a question is dead. As a writer, I imbue my characters with this philosophy and then set them free to navigate the vast plane of destiny for themselves.

I wrote...

INVERSION 1: Looking Through Mirrors

By Michael Krozer,

Book cover of INVERSION 1: Looking Through Mirrors

What is my book about?

INVERSION is a contemporary, action oriented speculative science fiction/military saga that explores the creation of a new society and the courageous woman at its center.

Awakening from a coma as vulnerable as a baby gasping its first breath, Angela’s survival in a dangerous world relies on how well she handles the hard choices that come quickly. Suddenly faced with two perilous options, one will take her back to a life she feared. The other will thrust her into a future molded by her will to shape it. To survive, weakness and fear must be shed and replaced with courage, tenacity, and strength. But what if she was never meant to survive?  Nefarious forces beyond her understanding are closing steadily around her.

The books I picked & why

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Rules of Conflict: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller

By Jack Hunt,

Book cover of Rules of Conflict: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller

Why this book?

This book is relevant today. Our country is going through the turmoil of distress caused by the breakdown of civil order and the looming scarcity of basic necessities like energy, food, and water. The scenario here is about the intersection of several groups of people and how well they prepared for surviving the first several days of a catastrophic event. There is good survival preparation information embedded in the text that can be augmented by the many real survivalist organizations. In crafting the story, the author does the same thing I do…layering useful, real-world information into the fictional narrative. Another real-world question is considered here. If there were no police, National Guard, FEMA, or aid groups, what would you be able to do for you and your family? The message in this book leaves us hopeful. 

The Light We Lost: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

By Kyla Stone,

Book cover of The Light We Lost: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

Why this book?

I write in the speculative fiction genre where an overwhelming event, seemingly beyond the control of the main characters, underpins what happens to those characters. This particular drama uses such an event which literally paints a canvas for a murder mystery. The typical resources available to law enforcement are stripped away leaving people to depend upon themselves. All the human emotions and prejudices are on display. You might find yourself rooting for one character before moving on to another as the plot twists. A bit distracting was that much of the dialogue and description about what someone was feeling was clichéd. The cataclysmic event itself was almost a sidebar in this volume, the first of the series, to the point where the murder mystery could stand on its own. That said, this story is a thought-provoker on a societal and individual level.

At the Quiet Edge

By Victoria Helen Stone,

Book cover of At the Quiet Edge

Why this book?

In my novels, the quiet depth of character development runs parallel to the action. This is the only way to make fighting for one's life mean anything. Shootings, explosions, high body counts, or a countdown to chaos may hold momentary interest but will not create any lasting memory or take-away useful in real life.  This story spends quite a lot of time on backstory and the emotional well from which the main characters spring. Some might desire a quicker path through this. Some might not. And quite a few false paths are developed as you’d expect in a who-done-it type novel. The story reaches a driving and satisfying conclusion but some might leave wondering about the author’s opinion of law enforcement as is spoken through her protagonist.

Winter World

By A.G. Riddle,

Book cover of Winter World

Why this book?

Many heroic characters are not flashy. This is the way I like to cast them in my novels. The principal characters in this fast-moving SiFi novel are that way. The story is revealed using a first-person approach, each chapter being in the voice of a particular character. I like the breezy nature of the dialog that allows emotional depth to gradually make an impact without getting bogged down in psychoanalysis. While the earth is frosting over with a new ice age and civilization grinds towards an uncertain future, national alliances are forming with the associated grasping and competition for limited resources. A genius scientist is tasked to find an answer and the author rightly avoids a deep dive, instead taking broad leaps across technological chasms. However, this novel gets you thinking about what you might do under similar circumstances.


By Leslie Wolfe,

Book cover of Executive

Why this book?

I like to write stories where the protagonist is thrown into situations where they don’t know the extent of what they don’t know. This requires the character to be creative, courageous, and if they can, fearless or at least grow into this state of being. This is the exact case in Executive. The arc of the lead character grows from timid to confident over some twists and turns as malicious corporate personalities exert their influence over her. She slowly begins to realize her own power. The blend of real-world high-tech military hardware development provides a steady and interesting backdrop for the increasingly hostile life and death office politics. The story resolves as you’d expect so there is not a great moment of surprise revelation, but it is satisfying.

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