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Zeus Is Undead

By Michael G. Munz,

Book cover of Zeus Is Undead: This One Has Zombies

Zeus is Undead is a sequel to the playful Zeus is Dead and is equally as clever and entertaining. I’m a sucker for great story-telling and building a narrative around the history of Greek myths got my attention. In the previous story, Zeus’ death meant his longstanding order of maintaining distance and no interference between the gods and the world of the mortals evaporated, leading to fun mischief and the introduction of gods, demi-gods, and mythic monsters into our modern world. Zeus is Undead goes further by adding zombies into the mix. Just a lot of fun.

Who am I?

I have a passion for the written word and the art of storytelling. Though I’m not a fatalist, I’ve had a lifelong interest in stories and films about cataclysm and apocalyptic tales, regardless of scale. Films like Poseidon’s Adventure, The Towering Inferno, and all of the both good and bad zombie movies the years have produced were mainstays in my childhood. Seeing how ordinary people responded to extraordinary circumstances to overcome and sometimes succumb to their frailties have been driving influences for me. I try to reflect that point of view through the characters in my novels. I think those moments have a way of defining our own humanity.

I wrote...

Infection: Alaskan Undead Apocalypse

By Sean Schubert,

Book cover of Infection: Alaskan Undead Apocalypse

What is my book about?

When calamity strikes and the only two land routes out of Anchorage are cut, the city becomes a trap. The sleepy, unsuspecting residents of Alaska’s largest city become tragically aware of this fact when an ancient plague is unleashed in their midst.

Infection follows groups of survivors that include men, women, and children who struggle to retain both their lives and their humanity in the face of what could be the end of the world at the cold, ruthless hands of the undead.

The Dark Wife

By S.E. Diemer,

Book cover of The Dark Wife

The story of Persephone and Hades is my favorite Greek myth—and a lot of other people’s, to judge from how many of us have written about it. Therefore I’ve read lots of the novels that retell it, but The Dark Wife stands out for being the only Sapphic version I’ve found! Here Hades is a goddess rather than a god, and rather than abducting Persephone, she shelters her in the Underworld, where Persephone can avoid the sexual predators among the gods above. (Of which there are a lot, in canonical myth; let’s be honest.) Though set in the deliciously spooky land of the dead, the romance between the two goddesses is sweet and comforting, and the writing is as lyrically pretty as a classical poem.

Who am I?

I’ve been making up magical worlds ever since childhood, when I populated the creekbanks and vacant lots in my hometown with ghosts, fae, Land of Oz residents, and other creatures from my imagination. Fantasy and forbidden love have always been my two main allures in reading, and different varieties of sexuality and gender identity also fascinated me once I became more aware of such issues in college, through books as well as my anthropology classes. I was recently pleased to learn there’s at least one cool label for me as well—demisexual—and nowadays I love populating my fantasy novels with queer characters. Everyone deserves adventures in the otherworld!

I wrote...

Lava Red Feather Blue

By Molly Ringle,

Book cover of Lava Red Feather Blue

What is my book about?

On a magical island nation in the north Pacific, Prince Larkin has lain under an enchanted sleep since 1799, until Merrick Highvalley, a modern-day man tinkering with forbidden magic, accidentally awakens him. But the Sleeping Beauty romance comes with a complicated twist: a dangerous faery awakens at the same moment, bent on destroying the island’s humans. Using clues and magic charms left by Merrick’s ancestor, Larkin and Merrick set off into the fae realm with the aim of capturing the enemy.

They view themselves as unlikely heroes, and an even unlikelier couple—but in the territory of the fae, near-miracles do happen.


By Stephen Fry,

Book cover of Mythos

For those who find Edith Hamilton’s Mythology a bit dry for the modern day, Stephen Fry’s Mythos: The Greek Myths Reimagined presents a comprehensive anthology of the major myths, retold with verve and humor for an adult audience. Fry may be best known as a humorist and actor, but he’s also got serious classical chops. He interweaves his immensely readable myths with thoughtful analysis, the occasional scholarly footnote, and helpful illustrations. An excellent resource and a great read.  

Who am I?

Jordanna Max Brodsky is the author of the Olympus Bound trilogy and The Wolf in the Whale, a sweeping epic of the Norse and Inuit. Jordanna holds a degree in History and Literature from Harvard University, but she maintains that scholarship is no substitute for lived experience. Her research has taken her from the summit of Mount Olympus to the frozen tundra of Nunavut, and from the Viking ruins of Norway to Artemis’s temples in Turkey.

I wrote...

The Immortals

By Jordanna Max Brodsky,

Book cover of The Immortals

What is my book about?

Manhattan has many secrets. Some are older than the city itself. In the predawn calm, Selene DiSilva finds the body of a young woman washed ashore, gruesomely mutilated and wreathed in laurel. Her ancient rage returns, along with the memory of a promise she made long ago—when her name was Artemis. 

The Immortals reimagines the Greek Gods in a modern Manhattan backdrop to create a pulse-pounding blend of myth and mystery.

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