A Hat Full of Sky

By Terry Pratchett,

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No real witch would casually step out of their body, leaving it empty.

Tiffany Aching does. And there's something just waiting for a handy body to take over. Something ancient and horrible, which can't die.

To deal with it, Tiffany has to go…

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It jerked back, and there was a sickening feeling in her stomach as the stick curved away towards the mountains.

There are five books in the Tiffany Aching series, but this one, Book 2, is my favorite because it’s when Tiffany really rolls up her sleeves as a witch—it also marks her first time riding a broom, but, in a delightful twist, Tiffany doesn’t like it. It’s not because she’s afraid of heights, it’s because she’s afraid of falling. Not to worry, even though she’s not an expert broom flyer, Tiffany has plenty of magical friends to rely on…

From Lee's list on with magical brooms.

Terry Pratchett's entire body of work is a masterclass in fantasy writing, yet the novels featuring little shepherdess and witch-in-training Tiffany have influenced my writing the most. A Hat Full of Sky, the 32nd novel in the Discworld series, and the 2nd in Tiffany Aching’s saga, is a compelling story about a young witch who must defeat an hiver (bodiless hive mind). The writing style is charming, weaving elements of comedy and darkness, something I greatly appreciate in an epic fantasy novel. The magic system of Tiffany’s world is unique and quite far removed from “witchcraft” as…

From Louise's list on epic fantasy with soft magic systems.

The Constant Tower

By Carole McDonnell,

Book cover of The Constant Tower

Carole McDonnell Author Of Wind Follower

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Author Armchair anthropologist Asian drama addict Christian Perseverer

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This is a multicultural epic fantasy with a diverse cast of characters. Sickly fifteen-year-old Prince Psal, the son of warrior-king Nahas, should have been named Crown Prince of all Wheel Clan lands. But his clan disdains the disabled.

When the mysterious self-moving towers that keep humans safe from the Creator's ancient curse rebel, Psal attempts to find the Constant Tower and break the power of the third moon. Psal must risk losing the little respect his father has for him and face the dangers of the unmaking night to find the Constant Tower and save all of humanity.

The Constant Tower

By Carole McDonnell,

What is this book about?

Sickly fifteen year old Prince Psal, the son of the nature-blessed warrior-king Nahas, should have been named Crown Prince of all Wheel Clan lands. A priest-physician like his friend Ephan, Psal lacks a warrior's heart, yet he desires to earn Nahas's respect and become a clan chief. If he cannot do this, he must escape his clan altogether. But his love for Cassia, the daughter of his father's enemy, and his own weaknesses work against him. When war comes, Psal defends Ktwala and her daughter Mahari, wronged by Nahas, and speaks out against the atrocities his clan commits, further jeopardizing…

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