The best middle grade books with witches as heroes

Karah Sutton Author Of A Wolf for a Spell
By Karah Sutton

Who am I?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like a bunch of different personalities all wrapped up in a trenchcoat. Which one is the dominant me? Maybe funny and cheerful, maybe quiet and reclusive, maybe ambitious or adventurous – or maybe I’m all of these things? I think I’m drawn to witches because they're so surprising: a witch might be helpful, or she might try to eat you. It’s that unpredictability and mystery which intimidates people, so a witch is considered scary – until she’s not – and when I open a book about a witch, I never know what to expect!

I wrote...

A Wolf for a Spell

By Karah Sutton,

Book cover of A Wolf for a Spell

What is my book about?

“In her wolf pack, Zima has always been taught to fear humans, especially witches—but when her family is threatened she has no choice but to seek the aid of the forest witch, Baba Yaga. Nadya is worried about her best friend Katerina, who has left the orphanage to be married. She knows that something is amiss and that the only person who can help is the witch of the forest. Baba Yaga senses the evil in the world and needs a keen wolf’s nose to help her with her secret plan. When the three of them collide, a magical adventure of friendship and bravery ensues as they try to save those they love and protect their world.” - School Library Journal

The books I picked & why

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Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch

By Julie Abe,

Book cover of Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch

Why this book?

This book is the perfect cozy read, which I feel like I really need right now. It follows Eva, a young witch with only a pinch of magic, who has to undertake a quest in order to earn the rank of Novice Witch. The book is filled with lovable characters, inventive problem-solving, and delicious descriptions (especially of food!). I could snuggle up in this world forever.


By Ash Van Otterloo,

Book cover of Cattywampus

Why this book?

This is a hilarious romp following daughters of rival witch families Katy and Delpha as they come to terms with their magic, their families, and each other. As a Kentuckian, I loved seeing Appalachia depicted in such loving, real detail. And yes, there are some outrageous zombie grannies too. This story was such a breath of fresh mountain air.

Ghost Squad

By Claribel A. Ortega,

Book cover of Ghost Squad

Why this book?

I was easily spooked as a kid, often crying when things got too scary. This book features all the ingredients of a scary book – ghosts, witches, graveyards – but you always feel safe, comfortable knowing things will turn out alright and our young hero Lucely will successfully save her home. It's funny and fast-paced and adventurous. Plus it has a chonky cat named Chunk, which I can't resist.

The Last Windwitch

By Jennifer Adam,

Book cover of The Last Windwitch

Why this book?

I have a real soft spot for fanciful fantasy and this has plenty: storm horses, story cakes, wind witches, and a crow queen. The writing is layered and lyrical; the characters are believable and endearing. It reminded me of fantasies I read as a child, especially the Earthsea books. It's an epic story filled with magic and friendship about fate and learning to believe in your own strength.

Dragons in a Bag

By Zetta Elliott, Geneva B. (illustrator),

Book cover of Dragons in a Bag

Why this book?

If there’s anything that I love almost as much as witches, it’s dragons, so the combination of the two makes for perfect fantasy reading. I’m a sucker for a grumpy old lady witch, and this book is filled with fun and surprises and good-plans-gone-wrong as young hero Jax struggles to complete his task of seeing three baby dragons safely home.

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