The best YA romances set during the summer

Who am I?

Growing up, I always loved reading young adult romances where first love and growing up seemed like the perfect kind of summer story. As an adult, and especially as an educator, I have too often seen the likes and interests of my female students dismissed as silly or frivolous, romance being at the top of this list. I love cultivating a diverse classroom library, one that includes books for everyone’s interest and background. Writing stories for young readers and about what interests them has been the great privilege of my life.

I wrote...

The Edge of Summer

By Erica George,

Book cover of The Edge of Summer

What is my book about?

Saving the whales has been Coriander Cabot and her best friend Ella’s dream since elementary school. But when tragedy strikes, Cor is left to complete the list of things they wanted to accomplish before college alone, including a marine biology internship on Cape Cod.

Cor's summer of healing and new beginnings turns complicated when she meets Mannix, a local lifeguard who completely takes her breath away. But she knows whatever she has with Mannix might not last, and that her focus should be on rescuing the humpback whales from entanglement. As the tide changes, Cor finds herself distracted and struggling with her priorities. Can she follow her heart and keep her promise to the whales and her best friend?

The books I picked & why

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Where the Rhythm Takes You

By Sarah Dass,

Book cover of Where the Rhythm Takes You

Why this book?

Set on the island of Tobago, Where the Rhythm Takes You is a modern take on Jane Austen’s classic romance, Persuasion. Say no more! Seventeen-year-old Reyna helps her father run their seaside resort all while dealing with the death of her mother and missing her former best friend (and first kiss), Aidan. Little does she know that Aidan is about to make a comeback, and he’s not at all like Reyna remembers him. If you love summer vibes, Jane Austen retellings, and friends to lovers, this is the book for you!

The Summer of Lost Letters

By Hannah Reynolds,

Book cover of The Summer of Lost Letters

Why this book?

I am a sucker for contemporary romances with a hint of historical sprinkled in, so when I saw that The Summer of Lost Letters took place on Nantucket (gorgeous), and followed a modern teenage girl whose late grandmother’s love letters to a man other than her grandfather mysteriously show up on her front steps, I knew it was for me. Romance, mystery, and family secrets combine for a compelling summer read!

Kisses and Croissants

By Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau,

Book cover of Kisses and Croissants

Why this book?

Not only do we have a summer romance, but we’ve combined it with French pastry. Literally a recipe for success! Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau’s debut YA novel follows seventeen-year-old ballerina, Mia, as she travels to Paris for the summer for an elite ballet program. Of course, she meets the charming Louis, and together they explore all that Paris has to offer. Rife with beautiful descriptions of Paris and plenty of croissants, this is the perfect summer romance.

Loveboat, Taipei

By Abigail Hing Wen,

Book cover of Loveboat, Taipei

Why this book?

I was hooked from just reading about the premise of this book–eighteen-year-old Ever Wong is sent to a summer program in Taipei, Taiwan in order to hone her academic skills and learn Mandarin. But little do her parents know that this program is known as “Loveboat” where kids are partying and hooking up when they’re not busy with academics. Ever is a well-rounded protagonist, trying to balance her parents’ expectations and first love while figuring out who she is, all in one wild summer.

The Summer of Broken Rules

By K. L. Walther,

Book cover of The Summer of Broken Rules

Why this book?

I grew up on romcoms, and this book has all the right ingredients for the perfect summer romance. Main character, Meredith Fox heads to Martha’s Vineyard for her cousin’s wedding after the death of her sister and a breakup with her boyfriend. Meredith doesn’t want to be distracted by romance, but she can’t help falling for one of the cute groomsmen. Perfect for the reader seeking a book filled with family, self-discovery, romance, and the grief process.

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