The best children’s books with an important life lesson

Who am I?

My passion is writing. I started writing when I was 10 years old and my passion was reignited by my 11-year-old son. Writing runs in my blood as my late father was a journalist and the first black editor of the Zambia Daily Mail and my late brother was a poet. To date, I have published 17 children's books. I love writing children’s books with a positive message and also to make them laugh and entertained.

I wrote...

Chuck the Cheetah

By K.A. Mulenga, Tsabitha Yahya (illustrator),

Book cover of Chuck the Cheetah

What is my book about?

A delightful story that explains the well-known adage, “Pride comes before a fall” in a refreshing way that is relatable and enjoyable for young readers. Chuck’s experience warns children of the danger of smugness and arrogance, teaches them about the nature of true friendship, and offers valuable lessons about the art of winning and losing graciously. Children will recognise the sense of competition amongst the cheetah friends and will be able to identify with the characters – whether they see themselves as Chuck, or as any of his cheetah friends.

The story contains many important messages for children. It teaches them that just because you are not the best, you are not any less lovable; it teaches them that life is not always about coming first.

The books I picked & why

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Royal—A Divine Design...Dream Your Dreams and Push Through

By Latisha Carey, Blueberry Illustrations (illustrator),

Book cover of Royal—A Divine Design...Dream Your Dreams and Push Through

Why this book?

This is a lovely book with beautiful illustrations. Kids will learn that nothing is impossible as long as their parents are there to encourage them. It really hit home as I am a father and have 3 kids, my son has a dream of becoming a professional soccer player, my firstborn daughter has a dream of becoming a renowned fashion designer and my 2nd born daughter wants to be a world-famous make-up artist. I encourage them all the way and this book just drives that point further.

Winter's Child

By J. S. Burke,

Book cover of Winter's Child

Why this book?

A lovely, imaginative, and brilliant book all round.

This is a lovely rhyming book with cute illustrations. I love the author’s imagination about a winter world. It is a unique and inventive book that will open up a child’s mind. The activities at the end will be a hit with kids.

Loose Balloons

By Jill Clark, Brandy Winston (illustrator),

Book cover of Loose Balloons

Why this book?

Fun poems for the little ones with lovely illustrations. I love the variety of animals she used and the different people as well. Animals are always good for children’s books because kids normally love animals and more often than not one of the animals will be a child’s favourite. I also loved the way she formulated her poems.

Oscar The Ferry Cat

By Molly Arbuthnott,

Book cover of Oscar The Ferry Cat

Why this book?

This is a charming book with beautiful and vivid illustrations. It is quite an adventure for the main character, Oscar the cat as he gets lost and ends up on a ferry. The different and strange characters that he meets along the way make for a wonderful and interesting ride!

I Am Sequoia - A Pinecone's Adventure

By E.P. Clanton,

Book cover of I Am Sequoia - A Pinecone's Adventure

Why this book?

This book has an excellent message and the illustrations are amazing! I believe children will love it and adults will too. An experience of self-discovery, from little beginnings, through the challenges of life, to getting to be something more noteworthy. Learning how to let go so you'll be able to develop. "I may be little in measure, but interior I feel unimaginably huge!"

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