The best books from terrific authors who have been criminally oppressed and exploited

Who am I?

I’ve been working professionally as a writer for twenty-five years. I’m nothing close to a household name, but a number of my articles have gone viral throughout the years. I’ve had educators reach out to mention they’ve taught my work at both the high school and college levels. Writing is an occupation of passion, and the authors I’ve mentioned are all talented and passionate about their craft. It’s rare to find people who speak the truth anywhere in our society. These writers don’t just speak the truth, they make it sing.

I wrote...

The Reader of Acheron

By Walter Rhein,

Book cover of The Reader of Acheron

What is my book about?

The Reader of Acheron is a thoughtful dystopian/fantasy about a world where reading is prohibited. The book wrestles with the concept of willful ignorance, and the way an established power system can spread misinformation in the interest of servitude. The book has many parallels in our current political environment.

The books I picked & why

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Artesans of Albia: King’s Envoy

By Cas Peace,

Book cover of Artesans of Albia: King’s Envoy

Why this book?

Cas Peace is an extremely talented author. Her Artesans of Albia series is a well-realized work of fantasy and magic. Her world-building is exceptional, and the whole series has a tremendous sense of history. This is a series that you can truly sink your teeth into.

Veil of the Dragon

By Tom Barczak,

Book cover of Veil of the Dragon

Why this book?

Barczak’s work belongs to that realm of poetic fiction that is occupied by Robert E. Howard and Janet Morris. Veil of the Dragon plays out like a vivid nightmare. This is the kind of fantasy novel that makes you want to pause in the middle of the paragraph you’re reading, go back to the beginning, and read out loud just to see how the words sound. Poetic fantasy takes you to another level.

Blood of a Fallen God

By Joshua C. Cook,

Book cover of Blood of a Fallen God

Why this book?

This is the first book in the Forgemaster Cycle. The audiobook features a fantastic vocal performance. Again, this is a well-realized fantasy world with a palpable history. You follow the adventures of a young blacksmith who aspires to perfect his craft in service of the fallen god of the forge. It’s an exciting adventure with high stakes and believable characters.

North of Highway Eight

By Dan Woll,

Book cover of North of Highway Eight

Why this book?

Dan Woll is an exceptional author who writes about outdoor life in Northern Wisconsin. He’s an avid runner, cyclist, and climber. This collection features an account of the Barneveld tornado that blew through Wisconsin back in 1984. Woll’s work is filled with both humor and wisdom. This is a great book for anyone with a passion for the outdoors.

Dance Me to the End: Ten Months and Ten Days with ALS

By Alison Acheson,

Book cover of Dance Me to the End: Ten Months and Ten Days with ALS

Why this book?

This book is a heartbreaking work that is a comfort to anyone who is dealing with loss. Alison details the events of her life as she nursed her husband through his struggle with ALS. This is a very open and vulnerable piece of writing that will help provide readers with a blueprint for how to survive dark times.

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