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Pam Spremulli Author Of Letter Birds
By Pam Spremulli

Who am I?

I am a Graphic Illustrator, Muralist, and Educator, serving as an adjunct professor at the Cleveland Institute of Art and I love birds! I was born and raised in the Chautauqua Lake Region of Western, NY and I find myself very much at home with our feathered friends. My passion for color, shape, and nature enables me to draw the viewer's eye to things that otherwise might go unnoticed. Letter Birds was created when my children were 5 and 7 and I would draw while they slept. When they awoke they would find a colorful drawing of a feathered friend along with a new letter to learn. My children continue to be my creative muses - even as teenagers!

I wrote...

Letter Birds

By Pam Spremulli,

Book cover of Letter Birds

What is my book about?

Enjoy learning the alphabet and the natural world of birds via simple and colorful graphic illustrations. Each letter has a corresponding bird from the well-known C for Cardinal to the more exotic L for Lapwing. Children and parents will discover a wondrous array of birds from A to Z (yes, including X and U!).

The books I picked & why

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It's Spring!

By Samantha Berger, Pamela Chanko, Melissa Sweet (illustrator)

Book cover of It's Spring!

Why this book?

This lovely book captures the beautiful sounds, sights, and smells of Spring with charming and whimsical illustrations by Melissa Sweet. Her charming work transports you into the book, flying through each colorful spread with glee  A celebration of community and mother nature and an absolute favorite of my children, not only growing up but to this day!

Beetle Bop

By Denise Fleming,

Book cover of Beetle Bop

Why this book?

Color, color, color! A feast for the eyes as you buzz through this brightly illustrated book! Flemming's illustrations explode off the pages with vibrant color and contrast all the while sharing a different vantage point of the world around us. Be reintroduced to our six-legged friends in this delightful and energizing tale! 


By Patrick McDonnell,

Book cover of Art

Why this book?

Anyone who loves kids' art can relate to Art 😉. McDonnell captures the freedom and love of creating from a child's perspective and beyond. A beautiful portrait of the rawness and whimsy that comes from children's artwork – where there are no boundaries. This sweet book brings us back to that simple artistic joy where there are no limits, where we can create as we feel, play, sleep, and create some more!! 

The Easter Egg Artists

By Adrienne Adams,

Book cover of The Easter Egg Artists

Why this book?

This book touches the soul and imagination of all artists. Following a young (bunny) Artist as they make their mark within an adventurous creative family that travels the world. Each spread transports you to a world of chance where art brings together not only communities but families. An absolute joy for creative minds!

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Poems & Drawings

By Shel Silverstein,

Book cover of Where the Sidewalk Ends: Poems & Drawings

Why this book?

This is an absolute staple to this day! The pages are frayed because of my many rereads and trying to master Shel's whimsical and effortless drawings. Countless tales of silly adolescent nonsense but all with that hidden knowledge of greater wisdom. His words echo the innocence and rawness of childhood on an endless journey of ignorance and adventure.

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