Where the Sidewalk Ends

By Shel Silverstein,

Book cover of Where the Sidewalk Ends: Poems & Drawings

Book description

Shel Silverstein, the New York Times bestselling author of The Giving Tree, A Light in the Attic, Falling Up, and Every Thing On It, has created a poetry collection that is outrageously funny and deeply profound. Come in...for where the sidewalk ends, Shel Silverstein's world begins. This special edition contains…

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Why read it?

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It’s a book of funny poems. The one my granddaughter likes best is called “Sick”, when a girl names all the things that she’s pretending to be sick, making up all kinds of things that are wrong with her so she won’t have to go to school. But then her mom tells her it’s Saturday and there’s no school. That made my granddaughter laugh. She also likes how the poem rhymes.

I dare you to read this book with a straight face!

This is a super fun classic collection of silly poetry that will tickle funny bones young and old. The simple line drawings tip the humor scale of each poem. The book is thick, 176 pages of rhyming nonsense. Just what the doctor ordered to put seriousness on the back burner and enjoy a giggle with friends and family.

From Danna's list on hooking your kids on poetry.

Shel Silverstein was both a songwriter (“A Boy Named Sue”) and cartoonist (Playboy) before he applied his talents to children’s books.

His most beloved book is probably The Giving Tree, but my personal favorite is his first book of poems, Where the Sidewalk Ends. I was endlessly amused by this book as a child, and portions of many of the poems – “It’s Dark In Here,” “Jimmy Jet and His TV Set,” “Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too,” “Boa Constrictor” – still rattle around in my head.

This is an absolute staple to this day! The pages are frayed because of my many rereads and trying to master Shel's whimsical and effortless drawings. Countless tales of silly adolescent nonsense but all with that hidden knowledge of greater wisdom. His words echo the innocence and rawness of childhood on an endless journey of ignorance and adventure.

This book was my inspiration for reading and writing when I was young. Short comical stories with simple illustrations had me hooked. They grab you with the first line and keep you entertained. And stories are over before you know it and leave you wanting for more. Decades later, I can still recite my favorites.

A great storytime book that will be sure to get littles giggling.

From Hayley's list on to inspire a love of reading.

If you don’t read this book with your children, you should feel terribly guilty. This has got to be the greatest treasure of sideway thoughts, words, and pictures ever mined from a mind. Mr. Silverstein’s words flow through us like a great river of giggles.

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