The best fantasy novels with a little zingy romance thrown in

Stephanie M. Allen Author Of Dueling Fates
By Stephanie M. Allen

Who am I?

I absolutely adore fantasy! I love leaving our world and being transported to another. I love that characters might have magic or crazy heritages. I love the creatures that come with the genre. I adore everything about fantasy. Throwing romantic elements into the story just makes it all that much sweeter. Having a hero with a weakness for a heroine is so comforting to read. Giving the characters someone else to fight for is also a heart-warming, sometimes gut-wrenching, affair. But in the end, having romance in a fantasy just gives it a little extra push to the readers.

I wrote...

Dueling Fates

By Stephanie M. Allen,

Book cover of Dueling Fates

What is my book about?

In the world of Erez, three kingdoms share a tentative peace. In the far west, Princess Isemay yearns for much more than frilly dresses and etiquette classes. While her twin sister, Alena, prepares for life as a monarch in a neighboring kingdom, Isemay roams the woods with her loyal cheetah, hunting dagger strapped to her belt. It’s only when two surprising visitors arrive at the castle that Isemay must come to terms with her royal future—and a secret magical heritage. Now engaged to the king of the east, Isemay prepares for a position she never wanted.

The books I picked & why

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A Court of Mist and Fury

By Sarah J. Maas,

Book cover of A Court of Mist and Fury

Why this book?

A Court of Mist and Fury (or ACOMAF, as fans call it) is one of the definitive books that includes popular tropes, but still manages to draw the reader in. This book inspired me in so many ways, particularly the idea of unique magic systems, which is something that helped me in my own writing. And the “enemies to lovers” trope doesn’t hurt either.

A Deal with the Elf King

By Elise Kova,

Book cover of A Deal with the Elf King

Why this book?

A Deal with the Elf King is one of those fantasy books that draws the reader in with tropes while still drawing the reader in and keeping them guessing. While this book would be considered a fantasy romance rather than a fantasy with romance, it’s almost refreshing. The reader is guaranteed a happily ever after. Seeing different magical creatures, rather than just fae, is nice. It’s something I aspired to in my own writing. I love fae, don’t get me wrong, but seeing other types of love interests is amazing.

The Shadows Between Us

By Tricia Levenseller,

Book cover of The Shadows Between Us

Why this book?

This is another book that I consider to fall under the romance category first. However, I absolutely adored this book because the main character is a morally gray character. I love seeing morally gray characters! I love writing them. It makes the story so much more interesting. It also makes the characters unpredictable, keeping them from falling into the “Mary Sue” category. 

Evermore Academy: Winter

By Audrey Grey,

Book cover of Evermore Academy: Winter

Why this book?

This book was a pleasant surprise for me. The covers look a little bit cheesy, which might be off-putting to some. However, and that’s a big however, I adored this trilogy. The main characters gave off Feyre and Rhysand vibes, the main characters from my first pick. I love a book that is inspired by a popular book, but can hold its own. This can definitely hold its own. And it has the ever-popular “enemies to lovers,” which is my favorite trope to write.

These Hollow Vows

By Lexi Ryan,

Book cover of These Hollow Vows

Why this book?

This was an unexpected read on a few levels. First, that ending! Oh, that ending was rude! It definitely left me on a cliffhanger, which I both love and hate. Let’s be real, I do it in my own writing. It keeps the reader guessing and leaves the reader wanting more. But I also found it to be fast-paced, which isn’t the usual for a romantic fantasy. It had all the elements I love: morally gray heroine, lovers to enemies, love triangle, all the tropes that just go deliciously in a fantasy.

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