The best fables with moral through the eyes of animals

Who am I?

I enjoy stories with morals & adventure! The animal kingdom has always been a favourite of children around the world, and a perfect way of conveying these fables without boring the reader. My particular love for foxes has always been there but also extends to other forest creatures. They are always my first choice when picking a book that kids will love and also for my video game designs.

I wrote...

When Fitch Lost Summer - Autumn's Halloween

By Kevin Asla,

Book cover of When Fitch Lost Summer - Autumn's Halloween

What is my book about?

One day a young fox named Fitch awakens in a mysterious and fantasy-filled land called Autumn. Now, all alone he must find his way back home, back to Summer. He happens upon a new friend and sets off on a journey to find his world. Encountering many strange and magical things, Fitch learns a lot on his adventure about Autumn, Halloween, harvest, and bravery; but will it be enough to get him back to Summer?

The books I picked & why

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The Whale Who Wanted More

By Rachel Bright, Jim Field (illustrator),

Book cover of The Whale Who Wanted More

Why this book?

The theme of this book is universal. Many of us have always desired more and find little solace in what we have, when what we have is truly all we need. The Whale Who Wanted More reflects a society that needs too much of everything and never has enough. The book tells the story of not living the life one should and depriving ourselves of real happiness only because we think we need more. Humphrey the whale wonders in the deep blue too busy and stressed to think about what he really wants in life. 

The Wolf’s Secret

By Myriam Dahman, Nicolas Digard, Julia Sardà (illustrator)

Book cover of The Wolf’s Secret

Why this book?

The Wolf’s Secret tells a tale of friendship and sacrifice with beautiful drawings. A wolf is enchanted by a woman singing in a mythical forest. After her father passed away, she became silent. The wolf finds a way to communicate with her in human form, which puts his life at risk. It is not your typical fairy tale children's book; instead, it is mysterious and dark. The book's cover is stunning, and the pictures inside tell the story in an almost monochromatic way.

The Littlest Yak

By Lu Fraser, Kate Hindley (illustrator),

Book cover of The Littlest Yak

Why this book?

I love the scenery in this book. Great Himalayan mountains and crisp snow. Gertie is a perfect character that lets us see what many children struggle with. Gertie is not happy, she feels inferior, but an opportunity arrives which allows showing how valuable she is. Fun is intertwined within the pages of the books. The pictures are beautiful! Another fable story with a moral center!

Rain Before Rainbows

By Smriti Prasadam-Halls, David Litchfield (illustrator),

Book cover of Rain Before Rainbows

Why this book?

A pet can be a powerful companion, which is why I've always adored books that convey the relationship between a person and their animal and how a furry friend can help us out of our darkest times. Written with a song-like rhyme and with animals portraying friendship, help, and hope, it tells the story of a girl and her companion fox, illustrated colorfully. I particularly like the background scenes. The book undoubtedly runs from a troubled stage to a place of hope.


By Andy Harkness,

Book cover of Wolfboy

Why this book?

The black pages caught my attention immediately. Unfortunately, it is not often used for children's books, and it looks terrific with the plasticine style illustrations, making the drawings stand out. A few words tell the story of Wolfboy and his gloomy mood while being hungry and how it can make you look like a monster! Fun reading for little ones.

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