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Who am I?

I’ve been a huge fan of D&D and RPG games since I’ve been old enough to play them. The idea of grooming a character, growing it in terms of strength and levels until it becomes powerful enough to take on gods always captured my imagination. LitRPG is a relatively new book genre, and reading it (the good ones at least) makes you feel like you’re playing those games yourselves. Following a new protagonist growth and journey, often illustrated by actual numeric values you can easily keep track of (like skills and levels) is so much fun, and I think more people should be aware it exists.

I wrote...

Life Reset (New Era Online: Life Reset)

By Shemer Kuznits,

Book cover of Life Reset (New Era Online: Life Reset)

What is my book about?

Insurmountable odds...hidden powers maneuvering behind the scenes...all culminating in a final, titanic, clash.

The mighty city of Everance lay in the GreenPiece clan’s path, but as Oren soon discovers, he’s got even bigger obstacles to overcome before reaching his final goal.

The books I picked & why

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Awaken Online: Unity

By Travis Bagwell,

Book cover of Awaken Online: Unity

Why this book?

A great story about the underdog bullied kid who rises up to become a necromancer builds up an undead nation, and rises up to contend with powerful forces against all odds. Great storytelling and compelling character, it’s a pleasure watching Jason grows up from a timid teen to a confident leader – and by using the dark arts. It's a great coming-of-age \ underdog reach the top kind of story except the underdog does it by embracing necromancy and his tools are the undead soul-wilting powers yet you can't stop rooting for him to win.

Morningwood: Everybody Loves Large Chests (Vol.1)

By Neven Iliev, Daniel Gonzalez S. (illustrator), Nicholas Coulson (illustrator)

Book cover of Morningwood: Everybody Loves Large Chests (Vol.1)

Why this book?

This is a great, innovative new type of storytelling – that from the side of a monster protagonist. He’s more than just an antihero, he’s a certified, evil, people eating, gold grabbing, demon rising monstrosity – that you can’t help but route for. Prepare for having the meaning of the words ‘shinny’ and ‘tasty’ change forever in your eyes. This is a very different type of story told from the perspective of a greedy, evil, man-eating monster, and you can't help cheer for him along the way. Boxy is the funniest, most uncomplicated-complex character I've ever read, and as he meanders through life, causing a cataclysm event in his wake all he really wants is shiny and tasty things.

Dungeon Born

By Dakota Krout,

Book cover of Dungeon Born

Why this book?

Want another new hero perspective? How about storytelling from the point of view of a rock? Well, that rock grows to become a full dungeon including traps, monsters, and hidden treasures. It's an amazing journey from a small crystal entity who just wants to survive to become humanity’s only hope for survival.

My first dive into dungeon core books, and boy, this one is hard to top. Carl is just a great character, how he figures out to grow himself as a dungeon, eat people and whole, yet retain his own streak of 'humanity,' and it's a pleasure to watch him evolve both as a dungeon and as a person. A must-read!

Opening Moves (The Gam3 Book 1)

By Cosimo Yap,

Book cover of Opening Moves (The Gam3 Book 1)

Why this book?

An excellent Litrpg sci-fi series. The protagonist goes out beyond earth to discover new races and worlds, slowly gain power, and unearth the secret of the ancient race that started it all. He’s just a human, but he’ll change the galaxy in his quest for knowledge.

The best scfi-fi litrpg in my opinion, the character growth is very visible and keeps you glued to the pages as the protagonist struggle to raise himself. Through his eyes, I got to experience unearthing ancient, hidden cultures, find ancient relics, and uncover galactic-wide schemes that blew my mind away.

The Wandering Inn: Book 1

By Pirate Aba,

Book cover of The Wandering Inn: Book 1

Why this book?

This is not a story. It is a journey into another, fully fleshed-out world. With over 7 million words written (the equivalent of 40 books), you’ll slowly get to know and fall in love with Erin, a simple girl from Earth who finds herself in a fantasy world governed by skills and levels. Her only strength is her perky personality and mediocre pasta-making skills, but as an innkeeper she slowly grows to influence the entire world. A world that is so detailed and thought over, it's truly like a journey into a new world.

You can't help not liking Erin, all she wants is to be an innkeeper, but her large heart sees her through, and her talent to cause chaos is unparallel. The two combine to create a delightful story that spans dozens of books, covering the entirety of another world. When I read TWI, I don't read a book, I delve into another world.

Highly recommended!

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