The best picture books about diverse families

Carol Gordon Ekster Author Of Some Daddies
By Carol Gordon Ekster

The Books I Picked & Why

My Sister, Daisy

By Adria Karlsson, Linus Curci

Book cover of My Sister, Daisy

Why this book?

This is a heartwarming and sensitive story of a change in a family when a younger brother announces a new gender identity. She is a girl. There's an author's note, telling us this is based on a true story. And the bright darling illustrations add to this needed picture book for all children.

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Stella Brings the Family

By Miriam B. Schiffer, Holly Clifton-Brown

Book cover of Stella Brings the Family

Why this book?

This is the story of Stella’s stress when her teacher announces they’ll be having a celebration for Mother’s Day. Stella has two dads! All works out when she invites the biggest crowd of all, including Nonna and an uncle and aunt. It's a great book to share to open a discussion about diverse families, love, and acceptance. The illustrations are expressive and adorable.

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Papa Brings Me the World

By Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

Book cover of Papa Brings Me the World

Why this book?

Lulu’s dad is a photojournalist who travels the world and brings her back treasures. Anyone who has a traveling parent will connect with this story. It’s a beautifully written and gorgeously illustrated book about a multi-racial family. It’s filled with heart and the love between a dad and daughter with the opportunity to learn some cool facts from the global cultures he brings back to her with his stories and trinkets. So lovely!

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Dad Bakes

By Katie Yamasaki

Book cover of Dad Bakes

Why this book?

Simple beautiful language with lovely bright colored art tells the story of a dad getting up very early to go to his job at the bakery. The dad's arms are heavily tattooed and from the first wordless spread before the title page, we understand because of the author's note, that this was probably a dad who has returned from being incarcerated. The loving relationship between father and daughter is evident. It's a sweet slice-of-life story.

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Daddy Depot

By Chana Stiefel, Andy Snair

Book cover of Daddy Depot

Why this book?

Lizzie is not unusual. Sometimes we all want to exchange a family member for a new-and-improved version. Her dad's jokes embarrass her and Lizzie visits the Daddy Depot megastore to find a new dad. In the end she discovers that her dad is the perfect fit for her. My favorite spread is the one that says, "It was a dad party! There were all kinds of dads." And here is where we see a diverse group of so many dads, from the more typical fireman and policeman, businessman, and doctor, to a yogi, musician, diver, astronomer, and bowler…even a magician.

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