White Fang

By Jack London,

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Born in the wilds of the freezing cold Yukon, White Fang - half-dog, half-wolf - is the only animal in the litter to survive. He soon learns the harsh laws of nature, yet buried deep inside him are the distant memories of affection and love. Will this fiercely independent creature…

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Jack London is by far my favorite writer of youth-accessible literature, and White Fang is one of his best. My senses came alive as I read about a wolf’s struggle to survive and adapt to changes in its environment. Reading his description of a world through the experience of an animal was transformative. The Klondike became a real and deadly place, vibrant and alive.

Sure, this book is more than a century old, written in 1906. Sure, Jack London’s reputation has soured in the 21st century as critics re-appraise his motley life and books. This isn’t one of them: part dog, part wolf, the titular White Fang is born into a wild mostly wolf pack and has a pretty good life. Until he’s thrown into the immeasurably cruel and brutal world of mankind, first in a Native village, then to white men during the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s. Another book told from the dog’s point of view, the cruelty is presented…

From Neal's list on wild and weird books on dogs.

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