The best vampire novels that swept me away

Carol McKibben Author Of Snow Blood: Season 1
By Carol McKibben

Who am I?

All my books are narrated by either dogs or wolves except two. First, animals are a prevalent force in my life, and I have many. I see them with souls. I have combined them with my love of vampires, werewolves, and monsters. After I read Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, I was hooked on vampire stories. I hold a master’s degree in English. After teaching writing for a decade, becoming a magazine editor and publisher, and then starting my own writing and editing company, I have published 16 novels. Oddly enough, even with the subject matter, they all are about unconditional love. 

I wrote...

Snow Blood: Season 1

By Carol McKibben,

Book cover of Snow Blood: Season 1

What is my book about?

Join the dark world of Brogio, the first vampire! When Brogio must turn Snow, a beautiful white husky, to save the dog, a series of events are unleashed that reveal a sinister plot against the father of all vampires. As life and true death experiences bond the two together, they unravel a conspiracy that when resolved may return Selene, the love of Brogio’s life, back to him and set him free from the lonely existence that has plagued him for thousands of years!

The books I picked & why

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'Salem's Lot

By Stephen King,

Book cover of 'Salem's Lot

Why this book?

I read this years ago, and I was terrified throughout the entire book. If I heard a noise in the house while I was reading it, I’d have to go investigate it! I have never had a book scare me as much since. As a child, Ben Mears witnessed something terrible at the Marsten House. He returns home at the same time a new owner moves into the house. After the new arrival, tragedies begin to strike. Gothic-like in nature, 'Salem’s Lot is so beautifully descriptive. King is a master at writing about small-town terror. Evil from the house permeates throughout the story as it tears the town and its people apart. I was chilled from the roots of my hair down to my toes. For me, it is quite possibly the greatest vampire book ever written.

Dead Until Dark

By Charlaine Harris,

Book cover of Dead Until Dark

Why this book?

You will not be able to resist the characters in this story. This world houses legal vampires who subsist on a beverage called Tru Blood. Then add in a mind-reading waitress in love with one of them and a love-sick shapeshifter. Just to mix it up a bit more, a serial killer is on a rampage. Dead Until Dark’s twisted and surprising plot is both enthralling and alarming. I could not put it down. It made my toes tingle!

The Shepherd

By Travis Luedke,

Book cover of The Shepherd

Why this book?

I must include my friend Travis Luedke’s book, The ShepherdIt totally took me by surprise. From the uncensored male teen dialogue to the games girls will play, I totally returned to high school. Travis captured the entire clique strata. Mike has had visions that he does not discuss. His life is depressing with an unemployed, alcoholic father. Then, he meets Nadia, a young girl Mike barely avoids hitting with his car. She is mysterious and latches on to Mike. The reader has no idea who she is, where she is from, or why she acts as if she has always known Mike. Neither does Mike. When weird, awful events begin to happen, Nadia is the key. Travis keeps this twisted tale going in high gear and keeps us enthralled all the way to the shocking end.

Queen of the Damned

By Anne Rice,

Book cover of Queen of the Damned

Why this book?

This is amazingly different from the first two books (Interview with a Vampire and The Vampire Lestat) of The Vampire Chronicles. Several new characters are introduced, a number of truly old vampires we have only heard of up until now become part of the action, and the story is woven together into a mosaic much wider in scope than what has come before. It is Lestat’s book, but he is not the focus. He narrates his own role in events, but much of the book is written in the third person. The action is spread out over six thousand years from one end of the world to the other, with a lot of mythology taking the place of the energetic action of the earlier novels. It is a fascinating study of the vampire world.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

By Seth Grahame-Smith,

Book cover of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Why this book?

This one is just for fun! It is an interesting concept that is well done! The author is well-researched and combined history with vampire terror. It is a surprise and a wonderful, fun read! I loved the concept and the thought that Honest Abe might not have been all that honest about himself! 

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