The best children’s books that teach about nature using personification

Sue Garnett Author Of Sammy's Big Change
By Sue Garnett

Who am I?

My love of children, nature, the arts, and reading have been the inspiration for my books. Growing up on a farm was the perfect place to satisfy my curiosity about nature. I enjoyed being in nature from sunrise to sunset. Not really knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up, I decided to major in elementary education where I could share my love for learning and keep growing, creating, and learning from my students - even as they learned from me. Through the years I wrote rough drafts and made sketches for stories filled with intriguing ideas, and respect for nature that I aspire to complete to share with others as children’s books. 

I wrote...

Sammy's Big Change

By Sue Garnett, Lisa Cooley,

Book cover of Sammy's Big Change

What is my book about?

In Sammy’s Big Change I wanted to capture the beauty of a caterpillar embracing metamorphosis and the challenges facing a duckling as he transitions to maturity. The idea of these two improbable creatures becoming friends and taking us on their journey to flight was created to entertain as well as to teach about life’s time-honored theme - change. Look for its companion book, Eggar on the Inside. Both books include a section of additional knowledge at the end that provides answers to children’s questions and helps jump-start further exploration.

The books I picked & why

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Diary of a Worm

By Doreen Cronin, Harry Bliss (illustrator),

Book cover of Diary of a Worm

Why this book?

Worms live under our feet and are doing dirty, but crucial work in the soil. In Diary of a Worm, we learn of the advantageous role that earthworms play in the well-being of humankind and the earth. Like working partners sharing their life stories, we enjoy the knowledge of the importance of earthworms delivered with humor that might make you think twice before baiting that hook. 


By Janell Cannon,

Book cover of Stellaluna

Why this book?

Bats and birds are both winged animals. Are they the same? Learn along with Stellaluna as she tries to survive without the guidance of her mother. Stellaluna is a little bat taken in by a family of birds. She tries to adapt to their ways which makes for a touching and humorous story. Stellaluna is grateful to her winged friends but her true nature comes through as she (and young readers) learns what it means to be a bat.

Hi! Fly Guy

By Tedd Arnold,

Book cover of Hi! Fly Guy

Why this book?

As unappealing as they seem, scientists have learned that flies serve a vital role in the food chain as pollinators, dedicated decomposers, and as both predators and prey. But would you want one for a pet? Ted Arnold’s series of funny and compelling books about a boy, Buzz, and his pet fly, Fly Guy, might make you reconsider a fly’s reputation as only a pest. Hi! Fly Guy is a good introduction to these books.


By Janell Cannon,

Book cover of Verdi

Why this book?

Have you ever considered the trials and tribulations of a snake? Yes, a snake. Janelle Cannon helps lessen the stigma associated with a snake in her heartwarming story of Verdi, a young yellow python, who goes to great lengths to not turn green - which is the color he is destined to be when he grows up. Even if you do not enjoy snakes, you will forget your fears and enjoy the antics in Verdi.

Treemendous: Diary of a Not Yet Mighty Oak

By Bridget Heos, Mike Ciccotello (illustrator),

Book cover of Treemendous: Diary of a Not Yet Mighty Oak

Why this book?

How can something as small as an acorn grow to the height of a skyscraper? Treemendous: Diary of a Not Yet Mighty Oak illustrates the life of a tiny acorn growing up to be a tall oak tree. It uses delightful and humorous text and adorable illustrations to communicate the basic science behind this phenomenal happening in nature. What a wonderful way to learn about our nation’s tree.

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