The best romance books that make you laugh

Susan Renee Author Of Smooch
By Susan Renee

Who am I?

I like a good steamy emotional romance just like any other romance reader, but there’s nothing I love more than reading a romance that can make me laugh so hard I cry and then turn around and have a storyline with an unexpected twist that stomps on my heart a little before putting it all back together. Romantic comedies can be crazy and convoluted but I appreciate the fun release a good rom-com can deliver. That’s what I strive to provide through my rom coms as well. Relatable characters experiencing crazy life moments while finding their happily-ever-afters. 

I wrote...


By Susan Renee,

Book cover of Smooch

What is my book about?

One Night. No Names. No Rules. Just Fun. This was my attempt to escape love, but Chett Hayes, my very talented one-night-stand, has other plans. He makes me a deal my friends won’t let me refuse.

Four blind dates - each one followed by a date with Chett. Choose him in the end and win my happily ever after, or don’t and continue my happy single life, never seeing Chett again. Rules are set. Lines are drawn, but when those lines are crossed, the playing field becomes blurry. Chett is adamant this is a deal he can’t lose. And I’m terrified he might win.

The books I picked & why

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The Romantic Pact

By Meghan Quinn,

Book cover of The Romantic Pact

Why this book?

Meghan Quinn’s books are the reason I chose to be a romantic comedy author. No other author has made me almost pee my pants laughing in one chapter, then turn me on in another chapter only to reduce me to tears in the next chapter! Her writing is brilliant!

The Romantic Pact tells the story of two family friends, and their adventure together in a foreign country at the request of the Hero’s grandfather who has passed away. Not only do the characters experience several hilarious adventures together but they rediscover themselves in an emotional and heartfelt way. As someone who has had to rediscover myself in my adult life, this story personally struck a chord with me in a very strong way.

Kiss My Putt

By Tara Sivec,

Book cover of Kiss My Putt

Why this book?

Tara Sivec, in my mind, is like that crazy aunt who has an unfiltered mind and says what she wants and it’s funny every time! Her words make me cackle and this story is filled with crazy fun, witty banter, and a really hot rainstorm scene! Kiss My Putt is a friends-to-lovers mixed with enemies-to-lovers mixed with second chance romance. The story revolves around a cool, calm, and collected pro-golfer who is forced to take some time off after throwing a royal tantrum on television during a tournament.  He goes home, to Summersweet Island, where everybody knows everybody and there’s no place to hide. Especially when he runs into his best friend, Birdie Bennett. This book is a must-read!

My Brother's Billionaire Best Friend

By Max Monroe,

Book cover of My Brother's Billionaire Best Friend

Why this book?

There’s something about a younger sister falling for her older brother’s best friend that gets me every time and this book does not disappoint. Maybe Willis moves to the big city and her brother’s best friend vows to help make sure she finds her way. But he’s in for a surprise when she accidentally sends him a text with a proposition he doesn’t see coming. The characters in this story feel remarkably relatable which is what sucks me in every time. And I’m a sucker for a protective Hero, so there’s that. 

By a Thread

By Lucy Score,

Book cover of By a Thread

Why this book?

I said I was a sucker for the protective Hero and this is just another shining example except that this time, the protective Hero is also the grumpy boss! This is the classic story of Grumpy guy gets girl fired from her job only to have her start working for his family’s business. The pair hate each other, but they each have internal personal struggles and when those start coming to light, their relationship shifts into an angsty, compassionate, protective, steamy love that I can’t ever stop reading! All the feels with this one!

Circle Jerk

By KB Cinder,

Book cover of Circle Jerk

Why this book?

KB Cinder is totally my cup of tea and I want to be her best friend. Circle Jerk is a single mom meets neighborhood grump trope and it has all the feels! The one-liners and the laugh-out-loud scenes coupled with the romance and steam through this story make it the perfect book to kick back and relax with! Think Beauty and the Beast but with a single mom in a modern neighborhood. It’s not super long and can be read quickly.

KB Cinder is a hilarious up-and-coming author who should not be overlooked!

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