The best books featuring a disabled character as a love interest

Who am I?

I think it is so important for everyone to be able to see others get their happily ever after. Illness and disability doesn't mean a person can't or shouldn't find love. Everyone should be able to find love. I love seeing characters find their happily ever after even if they aren't physically perfect. 

I wrote...

Wedding the Widow

By Jane B. Night,

Book cover of Wedding the Widow

What is my book about?

Wedding the Widow is a historical romance. Charlotte is widowed, pregnant, and unable to continue her journey westward on a wagon train. Augustus, whose previous girlfriend left him when he became an amputee, agrees to a marriage of convenience however it doesn't take long for both parties to realize there is a real potential for love.

The books I picked & why

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Simply Love

By Mary Balogh,

Book cover of Simply Love

Why this book?

This book was my first experience with Mary Balogh and I instantly became a fan. She is now one of my favorite romance authors. This book broke my heart in the best of ways. Sydnam is injured from the war. He is missing an eye and an arm. Still, he managed to easily make me, and Anne, swoon over his artistic soul. Anne is a single mother with a background just as heartbreaking as Sydnam's but I never doubted for a moment they would end up happily ever after. I rooted for them all the way. 

Annie's Song

By Catherine Anderson,

Book cover of Annie's Song

Why this book?

This was the first romance I ever read that featured a deaf character. I loved how much research the author did on the subject and how much I learned. This book broke my heart as Annie was again and again mistreated and underestimated until Alex realized that the problem was her ears, not her mind. 

I really loved Alex's character. He marries Annie because she was raped by his brother and becomes pregnant. I loved his sense of duty and honor. I loved his attempts at trying to do right by Annie even when they were misinformed. 

My favorite takeaway from this book was that no one should decide for another person what they need and the able community needs to not make assumptions but to listen to what those with disabilities say about their needs.

Romancing the Duke

By Tessa Dare,

Book cover of Romancing the Duke

Why this book?

This was the first book in Tessa Dare's Castles Ever After. I love Tessa's modern characters set in a historical backdrop. Isolde is a woman that knows what she wants. She is forced to go up against Ransom, a stubborn Duke who is visually impaired, in a fight over a castle they both believe they own.  

Also, I would just love to say how much I love when Tessa Dare gives her characters an unusual pet. In this case, Isolde has an ermine. Animal antics add so much fun to her stories! 

This book made me laugh. It made me cry. It made my heartbreak and ultimately it gave me a beautiful love story I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

A Curse So Dark and Lonely

By Brigid Kemmerer,

Book cover of A Curse So Dark and Lonely

Why this book?

I absolutely love a good Beauty and the Beast retelling and this one is probably my favorite. 

Harper is brought into a fantasy world for the purpose of breaking Prince Rhen's spell. While there she leads us on an exploration of loyalty and duty. Back home her mother is dying and Harper desperately wants to return to her but she can equally see how badly Rhen's people need her too. 

She isn't exactly what Rhen hoped for in the woman to break his curse. She is willful, disobedient, and has some physical limitations due to cerebral palsy. Yet she is still very much a kick-butt heroine I was rooting for the whole book!

Love Finds a Home

By Janette Oke,

Book cover of Love Finds a Home

Why this book?

Ok, confession time, I don't remember which book in the series Drew first appears in but if I recall this is the book that really focuses on him and Belinda. 

I don't read a lot of Inspirational fiction but I absolutely love the Love Comes Softly series. It was the first romance series I ever read. I read the series initially as a teenager but I have gone back and re-read a few of the books as an adult. 

This book has Drew who is missing an arm as a romantic interest for Belinda. The series also features Clark who is the romantic interest in book one and the patriarch of the family in the rest of the series who loses his leg in one of the later books. I adored his story and how him and Marty deal with accepting his injury. However, since Marty and Clark are already married and in love, I didn't feel like I could put him on this list.

I liked Drew almost immediately even though he is very much used as a contrast for Clark when it comes to how he deals with his life post-injury. If you enjoy inspirational romance this series is a great one to enjoy!

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