The most empowering books for kids

Who am I?

As a children's book writer, I want my books to be infused with S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, art, and science), imaginative adventure, and empowering words. These 3 elements are important for cultivating their minds. Great inventions and discoveries have come from people who were curious. I believe that it's our responsibility as parents to expose them to new interests and speak empowering words to their developing minds. Parents play a key role in how their children see themselves. I hope that my books encourage unity, spark the imagination, build strong parent-child relationships, initiate dialogue, and promote learning.

I wrote...

Bryla's Amazing Imagination: Bryla Visits the Moon

By LaTasha Reynolds, Mo Raad (illustrator),

Book cover of Bryla's Amazing Imagination: Bryla Visits the Moon

What is my book about?

Bryla Visits the Moon is centered on a 6-year-old little girl named Bryla who has a natural fascination for astronomy. Each night, Bryla's fascination grows stronger for the Moon and playing games of hide-and-seek just isn't enough. Bryla desires to visit the Moon but doesn't know how to reach the galaxy from her suburban home. After explaining her desires to her mother, she teaches Bryla the importance of using her imagination to make dreams come true.

The books I picked & why

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I Like Myself!

By Karen Beaumont, David Catrow (illustrator),

Book cover of I Like Myself!

Why this book?

"I like my eyes, my ears, my nose. I like my fingers and my toes. I like me wild. I like me tame. I like me different and the same."

Saying "I like" something about myself is self-affirmation. This book is special to me because this is the first book I read to my daughter during my pregnancy. I remember receiving this book from a dear friend at my baby shower. I always knew that words are powerful, especially words from parents or guardians. Our words promote cognitive functioning. I used this book as the foundation to start incorporating positive reinforcement into my daughter through self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-love. Besides the message, I love the wild and colorful illustrations.

The Night Is Yours

By Abdul-Razak Zachariah, Keturah A. Bobo (illustrator),

Book cover of The Night Is Yours

Why this book?

"This is your night, my Amani!" The dark skies are still full of your laughter and joy, even though they get quieter as your friends go inside one by one." 

Do you love observing the night? It's something about the night that's peaceful and beautiful. I enjoy reading this story from the perspective of a father watching his daughter gain her independence and using melodic metaphors to empower her existence. Personally, I love reading literature that compares nature's beauty to something we adore...our child. I believe this is why I connected to this story and I know other parents will too. This is a delightful read-aloud to share with your child for many nights.

All Because You Matter

By Bryan Collier, Tami Charles (illustrator),

Book cover of All Because You Matter

Why this book?

"Long before you took your place in this world, you were dreamed of, like a knapsack full of wishes, carried on the backs of your ancestors as they created empires, pyramids, legacies."

The lyrical reading gives appreciation and celebrates the importance of being acknowledged. Despite the challenges a child may face, they need to know that they matter. As a parent, we are our child's #1 fan and cheerleader. How do you let your child know that they matter? This book embodies this message and delivers it with grace. Plant these powerful words in the mind of your child.


By Lupita Nyong'o, Vashti Harrison (illustrator),

Book cover of Sulwe

Why this book?

"Sulwe felt beautiful inside and out."

As kids become socially involved with other kids, it's natural for them to notice similarities and differences. Navigating our kid's feelings and curiosity are critical through communication. As a parent, I am adamant about establishing a parent-child relationship built on positive words. Journey with Sulwe as she learns the importance of self-love and appreciating differences. Lessons such as these are invaluable.

I Am Enough

By Grace Byers, Keturah A. Bobo (illustrator),

Book cover of I Am Enough

Why this book?

I wish I could shield my daughter from all the rejections that the world has to offer, but I can't. Her father and I must teach her that she is enough and that it is critical to find value in knowing that. That's why I love the message in this book. You don't have to change or be something that you aren't...all you need is to be unapologetically you. Encourage your child to shine bright because they are wonderfully made.

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