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Geza Tatrallyay Author Of Arctic Meltdown
By Geza Tatrallyay

Who am I?

I have always been interested in the environment, ever since I studied Human Ecology under Professor Roger Revelle at Harvard. Several summer jobs in the Arctic with the Geological Survey of Canada gave me an early appreciation of what climate change meant for the polar region, and a more recent visit to Greenland brought the environmental devastation there more into focus. Also, having escaped from Communist Hungary in 1956, I have keenly followed Russia and its superpower ambitions, so it was natural for me to combine these two areas of interest into an environmental thriller. I am now writing a sequel, Arctic Inferno.

I wrote...

Arctic Meltdown

By Geza Tatrallyay,

Book cover of Arctic Meltdown

What is my book about?

Arctic Meltdown, a gripping environmental thriller, is set against the backdrop of the melting polar icecap and the ensuing jostling for jurisdiction over additional seabed resources. Hanne Kristensen, a beautiful Danish geologist, has to contend with a corrupted UN process, China's growing interest in Arctic resources and maritime routes, Russian military aggression, and the resulting international tension to try to save the world from war and the Arctic from environmental catastrophe. A potential complication in this real-life situation is that resource-rich but population-poor Greenland is egged on toward independence from Denmark by Chinese money and Russian military domination—toward the eventual possible outcome of annexation. This is a book that presages what is actually happening in the Arctic today.

The books I picked & why

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By Samuel G. Tooma,

Book cover of The SOOF

Why this book?

This is the kind of book I love, based on deep knowledge of and research into the subject, with the construction of a highly, engaging, gripping plot. You get both learning and titillation. In this book, the lovely environmental scientist, Dr. Samantha Stone is tasked by the US president to lead a submarine mission with Captain Ira Coen to seek out and destroy “The SOOF”, a secret command and control facility in the Sea of Okhotsk built by renegade parties in the Russian military. The mission is fraught with danger, but its success is critical for both sides and the survival of the world.

Chilly Winds

By Brooks B. Yeager,

Book cover of Chilly Winds

Why this book?

As with the previous book, this one too shows the author’s deep knowledge of the subject and his ability to weave that into a gripping thriller. Here too, you get both learning and titillation. In this book, Brooks Yeager, a former advisor to the Arctic Council and environmental negotiator, combines the high-stakes dynamics of international Arctic politics and many of the critical environmental issues facing us there and elsewhere, with other key ingredients such as well-constructed characters, lots of romance and an engaging plot to create a book you cannot put down.

Tipping Point

By Simon Rosser,

Book cover of Tipping Point

Why this book?

As with most of the other thrillers among the five on my list, this one too—like Rosser’s other novels in the genre—combines solid research and scientific knowledge with gripping international intrigue. Robert Spire, an environmental lawyer, and British GLENCOM (Global Environmental Command) agent is hired to look into the mysterious deaths of two climatologists. Tracked by a sexy Russian spy, he gets enmeshed in uncovering an international conspiracy to melt the Arctic polar ice cap and bring the world to environmental disaster.

Climate Change, Incorporated: A New Environmental Thriller

By Darcy S. Law,

Book cover of Climate Change, Incorporated: A New Environmental Thriller

Why this book?

This underrated novel is interesting because it extrapolates the story of climate change to a new level, where mankind believes it has developed a technological solution to the problem, but the question becomes how real a solution is this? It brings into focus whether the technical solutions our scientists may come up with to control the weather and reverse climate change, will indeed work or not. Petra Sands joins Climate Change, Incorporated, a multinational that has developed a device to regulate the climate that it positions between the sun and the earth. Initially, everything goes according to plan with this technological solution to the evils of climate change, but then things start to unravel…


By Graham Masterton,

Book cover of Drought

Why this book?

This book is different in perspective from the other ones on my list, since it focuses on climate change caused drought and the actions individual human beings might have to resort to in the face of the stresses of the environment and a corrupt political world. Yet this is an engaging climate change-related thriller, more at the micro-level. Ex-Marine Martin Makepeace is faced with dire choices as he has to save his loved ones in a world where water has become an impossible scarce resource…

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