Climate Change, Incorporated

By Darcy S. Law,

Book cover of Climate Change, Incorporated: A New Environmental Thriller

Book description

When Petra Sands takes a job with Climate Change, Incorporated, she assumes it will be low stress, low responsibility - just what she wants after being let go from a stressful job. After all, how hard can it be to give weather reports when the weather has already been planned?…

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This underrated novel is interesting because it extrapolates the story of climate change to a new level, where mankind believes it has developed a technological solution to the problem, but the question becomes how real a solution is this? It brings into focus whether the technical solutions our scientists may come up with to control the weather and reverse climate change, will indeed work or not. Petra Sands joins Climate Change, Incorporated, a multinational that has developed a device to regulate the climate that it positions between the sun and the earth. Initially, everything goes according to plan with…

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