The best Christian fiction books with memorable characters

Who am I?

I am a world traveler, who has been blessed to live in many different countries, studying human interactions and culture. People matter. I’m fascinated to see how people react and relate to each other. As a proficient people watcher, it makes sense that when I read or write a book, characters are most important to me. They make or break the story with their quirks and hurts and hang-ups. It always gives me great pleasure to see my own characters grow as the story develops. I enjoy putting them into situations that may not be comfortable for them and then seeing what God does to bring them through. 

I wrote...

The Gift (To Protect and Serve)

By Anne Perreault,

Book cover of The Gift (To Protect and Serve)

What is my book about?

Dakota Taylor is stuck in a rut with a dead-end job and an obnoxious boyfriend, who dumps her when she’s at her lowest. Feeling unloved and unappreciated, she decides that life isn’t worth living anymore. Until God steps in to reach out to her. Now ready to face tomorrow, she finds herself rescued out of a terrifying situation by two of Boston’s Finest on patrol and assumes their path will never cross again. Someone has a plan for her which includes developing a friendship with officer Shane Donovan. Does she have the courage to let it change her life?

The books I picked & why

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Trinity: Military War Dog (A Breed Apart)

By Ronie Kendig,

Book cover of Trinity: Military War Dog (A Breed Apart)

Why this book?

This first book in the Breed Apart series by Ronie Kendig gripped me from the first page on. As an avid animal lover, I really enjoy books with working dogs. The action is immediate and the romance is perfect. What stands out to me is that even heroes are broken and need to be rescued. The author does an amazing job of portraying a warrior at heart, whose wings have been clipped by TBI. 

A Wing and a Prayer (The Cousins O'Connor)

By Julie Lessman,

Book cover of A Wing and a Prayer (The Cousins O'Connor)

Why this book?

I had certain expectations when I picked up this book. I have to say, I was completely blown over because this was not what I expected. This book touched me deeply spiritually and emotionally. The relationship between the main characters was intriguing and the romance completely drew me in.

Merciless: A Medieval Romance

By Tamara Leigh,

Book cover of Merciless: A Medieval Romance

Why this book?

Aelflet meet Cyr. Cyr, meet your match. I loved this spunky heroine immediately, her courage to stand up to a pushy knight had me cheering her on. And who doesn’t love a handsome, silver-haired knight who might have a reputation of being merciless but who proves to be the opposite. This D’Argent family has become part of mine and I hope you will invite them into yours as well.

Criss Cross: A Holly Novel

By C.C. Warrens,

Book cover of Criss Cross: A Holly Novel

Why this book?

I read this series in one sitting and only came up for air after I closed the last book. Wow… So, I adore Holly. Her quirks are endearing and her pain is deep and understandable. She’s a survivor, not without deep, deep scars. I found myself cheering for her to start the journey toward trust and friendship. Watching her go from not trusting anyone at all to having a sweet father/daughter relationship that eventually develops warmed my heart.

Knox: The Montana Marshalls

By Susan May Warren,

Book cover of Knox: The Montana Marshalls

Why this book?

Look at him… who doesn’t love a cowboy with a hat? Knox draws you into the beginning of a conspiracy that spans several different series. What I love about this author is that she creates a community of characters who could be your next door neighbor. Hello. Why not? This is a people watcher’s dream come true.

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