Billy Summers

By Stephen King,

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This is a story about a contract killer who only kills bad people and what is an assassin if not a paid serial killer? This is not Stephen King’s traditional fayre, but it is unmistakably a Stephen King story. Essentially, the book explores Summer’s past, waiting for his next hit and his life after the job is complete. King effortlessly takes us into a world of war, injustice, revenge, and love, all the while unravelling the complexities that comprise Billy Summers. It really was one of those books I didn’t want to end. I will definitely explore further crime-themed books…

What is it like to be a hitman? We learn all about it from Billy Summers, one of the most refreshing and engaging felons in crime fiction. Stephen King outshines even Elmore Leonard with a character whose kindness and natural sweetness balance an almost scary level of focus and professionalism. Through Billy, we see every nuance of pulling off a hit. Getting a clean shot at the man he’s hired to kill means waiting, possibly for weeks, in a building across from the courthouse. He tells neighbors there he’s renting the office there to minimize distractions while writing a…

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