The best books to guide you from past abuse to new love

Who am I?

I’m an avid reader by day and a passionate writer by night. I found myself writing the stories I couldn’t seem to find. This topic is one I know from first-hand experience. I’ve dealt with drug abuse and domestic abuse in my family from a young age and although painful to speak about it’s helped shape my career and help my readers find healing through my characters. I want my readers to be pulled in by a work of fiction while still having the knowledge that for me, it wasn’t. Abuse comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes, and I’ve realized it’s not forever. Even in the worst storms, the sun will always shine. 

I wrote...

Promise Me Always

By B.K. Leigh,

Book cover of Promise Me Always

What is my book about?

We made a pact, a promise all those years ago. He would be my protector and I would be his. We were only kids, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt I would love him for the rest of my life. He came into my life like a storm and left just as fast. I was beaten and bruised when he found me. Alone and broken when he left. 

A girl's journey from abuse to new love, and the boy who helped her heal.

The books I picked & why

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Getting Out

By Afton Brinkman,

Book cover of Getting Out

Why this book?

I chose this title because it’s the first story that made me fall in love with this genre. There is a deep sense of authenticity stemming from the reality of finding love after abuse. It helps the reader understand the true emotions of someone navigating through life after years of childhood abuse and trauma. Afton’s writing creates a beautiful story from beginning to end, while bringing the reader on an emotional roller coaster at the same time. This story left an impact on my heart and greatly influenced my writing as an author. 

The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window

By Kirsty Moseley,

Book cover of The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window

Why this book?

To say I am still obsessed with this book to this day would be an understatement. I fell in love with this story from the very first page. It’s one of my most recommended books, and I can only hope other readers enjoy and connect with it as much as I do. It’s a story that can be read multiple times and never tire of. Reading this story lit a fire within me as a reader and an author with a thirst to create and read more stories alike. Amber and Liam have a love I’ve never been able to find in any other books I’ve read before.


By K. Webster,

Book cover of Enzo

Why this book?

I fell in love with K. Webster as an author before I met Enzo, but because of that love I was able to find a story that hit every emotion from beginning to end. This was my first read that introduced me to the idea of an age gap and forbidden romance. It has all the best qualities I hope to find in a story and so much more. I would read anything K. Webster publishes, but Enzo holds a place in my heart always. It took a while for Enzo to get over the fact that his relationship with Jenna was not traditional in any way compared to the social norm, and I love a Hero that struggles to comprehend the amount of love and adoration they actually have for the Heroine.

Safe and Sound

By Lindy Zart,

Book cover of Safe and Sound

Why this book?

When I first started reading I stumbled into this story about loss, love, and longing. I was amazed how the characters were able to survive through their ordeals and yet come out stronger with love and happiness on the other side. The emotion is real, and the imagery of a broken, yet strong heroin is phenomenal. I read this story more than five years ago but it’s one of the first I recommend to anyone looking for an exceptional storyline. Lola and Jack met under the most unfortunate circumstances, but together they manage to get through everything thrown against them.


By Kate Avelynn,

Book cover of Flawed

Why this book?

This book hit different than the rest of them. It was a storyline that had heartbreak and suffering happening from so many different angles. It was the first time I realized as an author and as a reader that there could be more to a plotline than just the straight and narrow. I remember going through all the emotions and being hooked in from the first page all the way until the last. The cover drew me in immediately but the story tucked inside has me coming back years later. 

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